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Chinese Mufflers ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Takamii, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. OKay I found this guy on ebay doing slip ons or bikes

    he has 13059 feedback with a score of 99.1 % ( which is good if you ask me )

    $260 delivered for a set of cans ??????? let me guess no actually silencing material in them ? old milo tins ?

    still that feedback score is very high

  2. I'd say the price is a reflection of the quality.
    Not expensive to roll a bit of flat steel into a tube and pop-rivet some ends on, but I suspect it'd probably rust out in less than 12 months.
  3. I've been looking at those as well.
    For the money I figured they'd be a very thin wrap of carbon around a thin steel body, I'm not sure how much material you can fit into 3.8kg for the whole setup. I havent checked the feedback to see if someone has complained about the Quality tho.
    On the plus side, There are companies that pride themselves on the Quality of their Chinese manufactured goods at very competetive prices.

  4. no rust problems in Canberra

    pop rivets do look weak though
  5. I wouldn't let the high rating fool you too. There are programs out there that rate you with the flick of a switch. The smarter ones also don't give themselves 100% to make it believable. Or the 0.9% are the real ratings.... you decide :D

  6. i've got a chinese made slip-on on my bike. $180 and it rocks hard. It sounds better than alot of $700 exhausts. No complaints about it, no rust just pure awesomeness...

    So, you can buy chinese made and get quality.

    The product doesn't look too bad. Maybe email the seller and see what he can offer in way of a guarentee about the product :D
  7. I've got one on my blade, check my youtube for a before and after, everyone thats heard it reckons it kicks arse.
  8. Thanks Bro - its always better to hear direct experience rather than speculate - you have my respect
  9. respect brother=D> - personally I think they look okay -- lots of bikes on youtube with them

    well this is an 05 R1 with them ( my bike is an 04 basically the same )

    and another one 07/08 model

    another 07/08

  10. You get what you pay for.

    31-Jan-11 18:14
  11. Blackster - appreciate the counter view and warning

    Looking at the feedback the guy has there is a lot more positives than negatives

    In my experience some people you just can not keep happy from ebay ( had a same trouble with a woman who bought jeans and because they did not fit her as well as she wanted she went nuts on ebay and pay pal with complaints etc etc even after I refunded her 120% - because I was unable to make everything perfect immediately - she had to wait for refund until after I received the items back - she however wanted it straight away without returning the goods - the cost of return which I covered by the way )
  12. This is my bike with one fitted:


    He sent me a link pipe that wasn't quite right, fast email replies and sent me out a second link pipe that fitted. The welds are not passivated and you may have to file burrs off the link pipe. After doing one track day at PI the stainless is starting to yellow, but all up I am really happy wth it, especially since it was $150 (with internal baffle) landed!

    From the feedback and comments from other forums, they say that it is a single shot exhaust, there is no reinforcing ring between the rivets and cf.

    If you're thinking of this exhaust, I would recommend this, I can't say how it performs against other brands though.
  13. The reasons why I ask is that - my gear is or was no name and new and people gave it a chance and so far no complaints ( except 1 ) so I try to consider looking at other peoples products that are not well known or mainstream

    can you explain what yo mean by single shot ? meaning if it breaks thats it or ?????? I did notice no reinforcement ring

    I notice two brothers dont use a reinforcement ring on some models

  14. if you have any issues with it, or go for a slide and damage it, or you decide to try and repack it then you may run into difficulties.

    oh the cf weave was not laid perfectly flat so you can see the fibres aren't the perfect thatching, but it is only noticeable when you are looking for it. The amount of resin is good, not too heavy to weigh it down, but enough to not make it fragile.

    I'm much like you, I'm happy to try something out rather than just asking "what is the best...", that's why I decided to try and run the Continental SportAttacks :)
  15. Not a prob... Just so we are clear, i don't have one of that exact brand... Mine is "ACBikes"... Was just drawing a comparison...

    I did check the feedback of the seller when buying mine AND I emailed a whole bunch of previous buyers. Only 1 in 5 buyers responded, but they all said the same thing "sounds great, good product, yadda, yadda, yadda". After I got three responses saying that, I was happy enough buying one...

    Let us know how you go. Make sure you post pics if you buy one.

    EDIT: I didn't see mekros' post... Having a closer look at that pic, holy shit, my exhaust looks pretty well damn identical to it.... o_O All I know is the exhaust I have is from china, from a company called "AC-Bikes" and it came via a seller in melbourne. Oh, and its awesome :D Up to you from here Takamii ;) :D
  16. well

    these are my options

    a set of termingnomi ( or whatever ) delivered for $680

    or these for $250 delivered

    so thats a $450 difference

    though these hmf in red may look trick on a lava red 2004 r1 - $600 set delivered

  17. Get a cheap carbon one wack on a termi sticker.

    Put up a pic of your r1 with those red ones photo shoped onto the r1 could look dam fine
  18. this delkavic full titanium is $900 in the UK plus delivery

  19. Sweeties consider this, that delicious model of the Tuning Fork runs with the heat of hades at the best of times.........this little biscuit is thinking tail melt.