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chinese motorbike muggers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by flexorcist, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. wonder if it pays for an upgrade?


    a search for motorbikes on this site comes up with some interesting things
  2. wow those guys are nuts.... looks like a pretty common thing there....
  3. :shock: OMG!

    but :rofl: at that piss weak guy who couldn't get the bag off that lady around the 1min mark... even after he beats her up shes still holding on... d!ck...
  4. man she was pretty strong... musta had alot of cash... didt wanna let go..

    hahahaha :eek:wned:
  5. Man he dragged that poor women for over 10 metres!

    What thehell, they miss the first time and go round for a second go ? These guys are crazy.

    It looks like they are like some sort of muggin gang and just hang aorund the area.
  6. Yeah, the area that looks like a freeway on/off ramp... :? I was confused at why people are walking on the freeways...

  7. hahaha china...!
  8. thats crazy stuff. I hope after that low life scum took so long to wrestle the bag off the girl that it only had a packet of tampons or something like that in the bag.
  9. I swear I have seen identical behaviour on the animal docs. Is it just me or do they basically represent the hyenas in the human world??

    Just disturbing...
  10. WTF low life scum, i wish the guy walking next to the girl would have fly kicked them of the bike
  11. That just looked pathetic, weak and sad.

    what did they expect to find on those poor people just walking of any worth? A used kleenex and maybe some breath mints? a credit cazrd that can be canceled?

    That was just pointless and i hope they got cought, I wonder who was filming it?
  12. My gf is from China and she says that this is very common in Guangzhou, which is a city near Hongkong. She says that the city is famous for it. Apparently the city is a port city and so alot of poor people from the countryside move there looking for jobs and so there is abit of a gang problem there. The Chinese central goverment is too large to be able to deal with all the little things and so its left to local police to stop it. Its quite an easy thing to stop but apparently "the biggest gang is Communism" and so if your criminal group pays the police a bit of money they are quite happy to ignore it.

    She read in the news recently that a girl who had moved there was working as a waitress and was mugged in the same way. Because she was poor she thought that everything that she had in the bag was too valuable to let go - she figured that they couldnt exactly kill her for it and if they couldnt get the bag theyd leave. They cut her arm off for the bag and she died shortly after.

    All there was in the bag was 10RMB which is less that $2.

    At the end, the Chinese voiceover is from a documentry and it says something like "after trying a few times to get the bag unsuccesfully, the gangster got off his bike and took it that way."
  13. He was hitting hard, with a bit of luck she managed to hit him back. I sincerely hope he was cleaned up by a bus shortly after riding off. :evil: