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Chinese made 200cc chopper - crap or cool?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pink, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,
    being the noob that I am, and not knowing the finer arts of motor ma cycling, I'd like to know what you think of these things.
    Found at hellbournechoppers.com (soz don't know how to make a link), it's an air cooled, four stroke 200cc beastie that pulls 9.5 kw @ 8000 r/m, max torque 8.0 Nm. Price is $3 500

    I emailed the guy, who said he was leaving a model at Tribal Choppers in Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, but being poor and in NSW I haven't seen one in the flesh. Apparently the Australian model, which has a number plate etc, is ADR compliant and fine for rego.

    So my questions are these:
    5 litre fuel tank big problem or not? And would it be practical for actual use, or just as a coffee run bike?
    I think they're pretty, but would like some feedback as to what people could see as being an issue/pro for the bike.
    Cheers, pink.

  2. I'd make really sure of their ability to register it in NSW, not just take their word.

    It looks cool, but I'd say coffee shop bike. I'm still running my bike in but my trip computer is saying 6.6l/100km average fuel consumption. On my bike 5L would obviously be less than 100km range.

    Do they publish a fuel consumption figure? do the maths. You'd need at least a 200km range, not that it looks like much of a tourer.

    could be good for short trips around town I guess.
    Good luck with it.
  3. Looks Cool :p
    Not sure how practical its gonna be, especially with such a small tank.
    Just a note: some of these chinese bikes are not the most reliable, and very hard to get parts for, may pay to find out if spares support is available.

    Good Luck !
  4. I wouldn't spend $3500 of my hard earned money on that.
  5. Sorry but a 200cc "Chopper" is just not my cup of tea. Yeah it looks pretty but If I saw one ride past I'd have a bit of a laugh. :LOL:
  6. Crap
    With a rake like that the forks almost wouldn't be functional in terms of damping.

    I would be scared they will snap at the triple.
  7. Also would not be road legal. In fact there are quite a few things
    they'd have to change from that sample... i.e. all the cool stuff
    - rake must not have the front axle more than 50cm forward of the centre of the steering head
    - rear mudflap extended, numberplate holder, lights, reflectors, mirrors
    - low height is probably too low
    - I wonder what tyres are available for it? DOT approved?
    - Not allowed to have sharp projections (those cool flame-looking bits on
    the frame, the bar ends, etc)
    - Noise and pollution (probably will not allow a pod filter,
    will need a proper airbox and muffler)

    I gotta say, the looks are great, but no chopper this wild-looking
    is a practical bike. Add chinese unreliability and difficulty of parts.

    Also a certain sub-group of people who own 883cc+ american
    bikes are likely to laugh and spit at you. Not that we care what they
    think, just take fair warning that this will happen...
  8. If someone passes a Ps test on that go get yourself a lottery ticket. :LOL:

    Seriously though thats just a showpiece bike.
    You will bottom out on speed humps.
    You will be riding around while singing "Give me 40acres to turn this rig around"
  9. Don't forget the scooter like acceleration, and the <scooter handling. 9.5kW is horrible for a 200cc bike.
  10. yeah..

    pretty much what I thought would be the reactions.
    I still think it's pretty but there isn't enough info and the guy wasn't really forthcoming about the bike or why there were no photos of an Aussie model.

    hotcam and doggy - I'm a poor learner, you'll probably laugh at whatever I end up on anyway :p

    Looks like I'm still stuck looking at pos "dirt" bikes and clapped out roadies.
    Thanks for the input tho,
  11. Typical form over function design of a cruiser. How will you turn on that bike ?
  12. It would sure get you heaps of attention (right or wrong i don't know) cruising round st kilda/bondi/chapel st. Looks sort of fun but would be a pig to ride. Slow, hardly any lean angle, slooow steering. Bit pointless really. I guess its no different to any other chopper out there :p
  13. These bikes are unregisterable and the police are now crushing all monkey bikes if caught on the streets.

    This chopper and all other choppers are not meant to ride, but look at??
  14. Re: yeah..

    Nonsense! :) $3,500 is heaps of money, assuming you can do slight mechanical work yourself (I'm talking the bare basics - fix an indicator and replace a battery, follow a manual to do a major service - all stuff that requires no prior skill or talent, just a good manual a bit of patience and google). I finally spent up big with my most recent bike - $2,900 for the bike - about $4000 all up incl ORC, transport from interstate, tyres and a full service done myself https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=729087#729087 You're in NSW? Bikes are cheap there! Get yourself a good Virago 535 for $3000 and chop it yourself! Plenty of help to be had here while you do it. My two cents... :)

  15. Hahahaha love the enterance to the hellbournechoppers.com site.

    "Hellbourne Choppers - Australia's first and only dedicated chopper bicycle specialist." :LOL:
  16. When was the last time you rode a 200cc scooter ? Not recently obviously.
  17. I rode a 200cc scoot a week ago and it was bloody rubbish. The 200 two strokes, PX200, i think it was, went a lot better.

    And I'm with mattb - $3500 is heaaaaaaaaaaaaaps of money mate. There's tonnes of options. A good looking XS650 (Great start for a bobber) was on ebay last week for $1100.
  18. unless you hit a brick wall :LOL:

    really this bike is useless you will be throwing your money away
  19. Looks like a good coffee table ornament, but thats it, I had a hard time with Korean built stuff, who knows what Chinese stuff is made off, cant get a pair pliers that last a week from them.
  20. I think there's been a misunderstanding...

    I never said I was going to buy one of these things! I just wanted to know what people thought of them. I'll be doing a 60+km commute to work, no chopper is practical for that kind of work :p

    mattb your bike is very pretty, but atm I don't have the time or the money to rebuild anything, which is pretty much what has to happen to get a decent (read not breaking down) bike. Also, I don't like Viragos. Wouldn't mind a XS650 QuarterWit, but haven't got a full licence, and don't know how to build one I like the look of.
    If I had my way I'd have a Sachs Madass with an engine conversion to 200-250odd cc, though I don't know if that's legal.