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Chinese Gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Xavier, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am new to motorcycling, recently got my learner license and a Suzuki GS500.

    I am now getting protective gear and being on a cheap budget I was wondering how good the Chinese brands are.

    There are many jackets under $100 on eBay, all coming from China (don't know if I'm allowed to post links). Duhan seems to be one of the "brands".

    I am certain they're not nearly as good as the famous brands, but I'm still wondering if they are decent? I am mostly concerned about security, not as much about longevity.

    Has anyone tried them? Are there any tests/reviews I can read on the internet?

    Any input appreciated!


  2. Well, it might be all right. After all, I've heard enough horror stories about the "good" stuff to realise there are no guarantees.

    But then, is it really that much of a saving? If you trawl sites like BikeBiz, or some of the US suppliers, you'll find run-out DriRiders, RJays and stuff for not much more. Same with gloves, trousers and boots. Sure, you'll not have a lot of choice as to style or colour, but what's wrong with putting yellow with purple?

    You can get some good bargains in helmets too (not from the US though, unless you want to become an instant outlaw), if you're prepared to go with last year's paint job.

    I reckon you could get fully geared up from scratch for about $700 or less, given a bit of luck/good timing.

    Lid $150 (run-out HJC)
    Jacket $200 (basic DriRider on sale)
    Gloves $50 (unfashionable weird colour run-out)
    Kevlar strides $150 (Red Wolf from KitBag in WA)
    Boots $150 (cheapo TCX or, failing that, lace-up Steel Bliues like wot I wear)

    There ya go, and none of it possibly dodgy Ebay stuff. Not the very best protective clothing, but perfectly adequate and far better than anyone apart from racers/wannabe racers was wearing 20 years ago.
  3. Hi and welcome to Netrider,

    Might be an idea to pop a post into the Welcome lounge as well ;)

    The old adage is "you get what you pay for". Most motorbike specific gear you'd hope is better than jeans / t-shirt.

    I look at it this way - leathers can normally be used again after most offs, textiles usually can't.

    The whole idea of protective gear is to protect you - does it have CE armor? What denier is it (for textiles)? If leather is it single stitched or more (most cheap stuff is single stitched). Lots of things to consider before parting with hard earned cash.

    Can't comment directly on the gear you're looking at but I'd certainly be asked the seller some questions - after all it's your body you're protecting.
  4. Many, many things.
  5. They are not real leather - they are "pleather" so they will stink and disintegrate real fast

    Plus more often than not they are single stitched
  6. If your looking on eBay dont be afraid to look for proper brand names but second hand. Lots of people sell as it was the wrong size or they dont ride anymore or...it doesnt match the new bike....In any case some bargains to be had as long as you know what you should pay.
  7. if you look around, eg AMX, you might do as well from real shops.
  8. Just took these pics 30 minutes ago

    Some may remember my prototype leather jacket that I made for myself as a test for the business

    - the guy that bought the jacket had a bid stack - you can see he rolled many times as evident by the damage to the external shoulder armor --

    this is the worst of the damage except for some leather scuffing -- this is how real leather saves you

    Attached Files:

  9. Also, check out peter stevens clearence centres, you can pick up some good stuff there....... im thinking it would be better quality than flea bay too

    another good ploy is to get your parents to buy you 'protective' gear if you have a birthday coming up...... they dont wanna see their pride and joy get damaged after all :)

    (Disclaimer:- I have notthing to do with Peter stevens apart from buying shit from them occasionally)

  10. Resents the flea bay quality assumption
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I will be looking into all the options you mentioned and try to avoid the dodgy stuff!
  12. In additional to quality, I suspect the fit wouldn't be very good.
  13. Have a look at BikersGearAustralia.com (Phillip Island). Prices seem to be reasonable.
  14. +1

    I've been to the store in PI and was impressed not only with the value but quality of the leather and textile stuff on offer. Its not as stylish as the A* stuff and other top priced items but well worth a look.
  15. Most of the brand name manufacturers are making their gear in China, my AGV helmet is made there I think...

    if gear is coming out of Pakistan then I would give a wide berth... This is the nwe China for cheap knockoff products
  16. peter stevens clearance is great proper stuff much cheaper than other places.
  17. You're in Melbourne, hunt down an AMX store, they have loads of last years designs/stock, often have sales or package deals and the have pretty ladies to help fit you up...
  18. There is a big difference between a big name manufacturer getting their gear made in China and doing their own quality control (as you have to if you don't want to trash your own reputation), and Chinese manufacturers flogging stuff on the world market without anyone who cares about quality between them and the final customer. The Chinese can make anything to any quality you want, but generally need to be tightly supervised in order to do so.

    Pakistan seems to be the leather capital of the world these days. I'll buy Pakistani gear without many qualms, although I will subject it to my own inspection before use. So far (gloves and a one-piece suit) the verdict has been very positive.
  19. I ended up buying:
    - Second hand Dainese jacket on eBay (inc. spine protection): $180
    - Starider pants (Ormond shop): $130
    - Gloves from AMX Keilor: $60
    - Second hand Nolan helmet: $100

    I would never have bought a second hand helmet but this one is from a close friend who has never worn it. He would never have sold it if he dropped it or anything.

    Overall I think I got decent stuff for cheap!
  20. Kitted up for <$500 isn't bad going. A SH lid with a known history that is unworn (very important that) should be fine. Not really any different to one that's been on the shelf in the shop for a while.