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Chinese find solution to arrogant, aggressive SUV drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LineNoise, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. In the form of the new JiangLing Landwind 4x4, nothing like a little fear to slap some sense into those behind the wheel.


    and the crash test videos:


    Seriously....HOLY CRAP! :shock:

    I can't believe they are actually letting these be sold in Europe. Imagine an off on an autobahn.

    ...and people say WE are temporary citizens. :roll:
  2. That airbag doesn't look too useful....
  3. The baby in the back seat certainly appeared to be in far beter condition than the driver with the airbag. That dash certainly moved a long way back.
  4. They should market that as "The new Volvo" :)
  5. Here's a classic case for making sure that bad news travels fast!
  6. WTF is an SUV?
  7. "Are SUV's safer than passenger cars?", Myth BUSTED :LOL: .

    Oh and Smee SUV = Sports Utility Vehicle (American term for Softroaders)
  8. whoosh :)
  9. :) Thought that it might have been a rhetorical question, bit hard to tell when it's typed.
  10. Heheheh it's my standard question whenever someone mentions the americanised version of softroader.
  11. Yeah but they think it belongs in the 1990's - how many people drive cars from the 90's and feel like they are going to die any day soon.........
  12. I drive a car from the 90's, occasionally. But I already know it's safer than that SUV. In fact, I'll wager the 80's Beemer I was driving last week is safer than that SUV. :p
  13. That thing looks like it belongs in Carmageddon! :D
    I heard about how badly it had failed the crash tests, but really wasn't expecting something quite as bad as that.
  14. I don't expect to survive such colisions on my motorcycle unscaved. Perhaps if cage drivers didn't either, they'd drive more carefully... The JiangLing Landwind will get my vote for "car of the year" :D

  15. WTF is an SUV?
  16. That 4x4 is very similar to the Opel/Vauxhall/Holden Frontera. I don't know if it's a licensed copy, or one of the knock-offs the Chinese seem to be doing at the moment.

    It'd be interesting to know how the Frontera fared in the same tests.

    But with results like that, I'm staggered they're letting it be sold in the UK.
  17. :shock: what a piece of junk. i went into a large oak tree at 70 odd clicks head on (after wiping off 50 clicks from hitting a tree from the side .5 second earlier) and didn't get a single scratch, just some very minor whiplash bruising.

    holden VT commodore's with airbags rock \:D/

    RIP that VT, it didn't walk away quite as well as i did :p
  18. With the exception of the VW, the Chinese thing didn't seem much worse than the other SUV's. Perhaps it says more about the type of vehicle than that particular brand.