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Chinese city bans motorcycles!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duffman, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone seen this?!

    full article here http://tinyurl.com/3bxz6a

    [source: New York Times - Asia]
  2. So that's were Sumoto get thier bikes :grin:
  3. that's right. And the paint comes from Otto's........
  4. People keep robbing banks so... lets make banks illegal. Yeah, that'll work..
  5. people rob 7-elevens too but if we ban them where do we get the tim tams in the middle of the night? Or the Chicken Torpedoes?
  6. what is a chicken torpedo?? on second thoughts don't tell me :LOL:

    thank dog i live a long way from a 7/11 type outlet
  7. Sorry! showing age! Chicken (?) filled roll with sauce of some kind that is microwave heated and only seems like a good idea and tastes great when pissed. 3rd degree burns on the roof of the mouth and upset stomach were the only reminders the next day. Used to get them @ 4am coming home from a club/pub
  8. Why should anyone be surprised at the stupidities that comes from totalitarian government??
  9. I say the exact same thing about the WA government Paul. :p

    In all honesty i really can see this type of extreme measure being taken over here. The government in WA have the exact same feelings about motorcyclists that they seem to in China. They make no attempt to hide their views that they want all bikes off the roads.
  10. you're telling me that BP right near yours doesn't sell chicken rolls??
  11. We call them "Hero Rolls" round here. Firstly because thats the name of the brand and secondly, you're an absolute hero if you can actualy eat a whole one without puking/gagging/brain exploding...
  12. **consider's forming a "hand-chopping" motorcycle gang**..... you know for shits and giggles...

    The things that happen :shock:
  13. Exactly the reason why we need to take more of an interest in our own democracy! The road to totalitarianism is a very rapid downhill one and freely giving up any of our rights is only a precurser to losing more.

    Take a stand... Victorians, demand that the TAC surplus be used for genuine safety initiatives rather than absorbed into consolidated revenue while the fee goes up because of 'the rising cost of insurance'. New South Welshicans, demand that motorcycles be allowed to park on footpaths - and that goes for you South Australians as well. WA, QLD, Tassie and NT - I'm sure you have issues you want addressed. And something we can all get involved in - why doesn't Australia have autobahns between the major cities?

    If we continue to lie down and accept what those in power do to us then all could be lost

    Well, I feel better now... maybe another coffee is in order
  14. I eat several of the bastards a week. Oh the benefit of working midnight to 9 in the morning...
  15. Chicken torpedos are great done on the hotdog machine hahaha pissed 7-eleven visits are always fun
  16. Salmonella city...
  17. I've never had Salmonella from eating them... but I was violently ill after having three in one session. That's right, three! Where's my VC?
  18. Couldnt care less what happens in Communist China.
  19. Don't know if any of you have seen mordeth 13 vids from him in taiwan. But if you see them you can understand why they might ban them. 95% don't have safety gear, or know/comply to any road rules. The police aren't around and when they are they don't do crap. People overtake on blind corners in the wrong lane, speed through red lines in wrong lane, dont turn lights on, people don't stay in their own lanes, the list goes on. Good luck getting me to ride in taiwan!
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