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Chinese Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by smidsy, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone had any experience with these chinese bikes that are coming in - you can get a 250cc off road for about $2700.

    Been looking for a 250 road trail or trail for around $3k, seems like everything round that price is early 90's or junk.

    Obviously these chinese things are not a Honda or Yamaha but are they any good for the money?

  2. I've got a sachs 150, an 07 model.

    It's a roadbike generally sold through scooter dealers. It's got 13,000kms and with regular oil changes it's been nothing but reliable! It's not the sharpest performer, and yes they are cheap so don't expect great stock anything, really, but off-road i'd be particularly worried about: the tyres are generally really cheap that come with them.

    I'll put it to you this way: It's taken until now for the bike to actually need some major work. That's really not bad for something that is under $3000 new!

    Basically you get what you pay for. If you're using the bike occasionally it's not worth having $5k worth of bike sitting around unless you really can afford it. For your $3k, you'll have a working bike, nothing flash, but not so bad of a drain on your pocket.
  3. I know one guy who sold two chinese dirt bikes 125cc and 200cc both about 2-3 years old. One with heavily leaking forks the other with crack in the frame...that only the major problems I am aware of...should have number of minor ones as well...
  4. A friend of mine bought one of those $600 KMart (Chinese) trail bikes for his kid (I know, that's a lot less than $3K). It ran for less than a minute before shattering it's engine case. He got his money back, though.
  5. I think if you treat them as disposable or something to lolly around on gently you'll be fine.

    After sales parts availability and support will be poor compared to the more established brands.

    Although the Chinese bikes have the right boxes ticked equipment wise (discs, long shiny forks :) etc) IMO The quality of the components is often very poor, the frame designs are copied or influenced from very old bikes and the engines are at least a decade behind the current in design, power and longevity of the Japanese.

    They will get better, but at the moment you get exactly what you have paid for.
  6. Depends on the factory - Sachs have their own Quality Control inspectors at the factory. PGO and SYM scooters do as well so they can offer a 4 year unlimited kms warranty (admittedly thats Taiwan not Mainland China).

    The designs are usually an older Japanese design (that's fine - if I could buy a "new" 1990's dirt bike for $3K I'd be delighted) but the build and materials quality can be suspect. On the upside - parts from older Jap bikes often (but not always) fit.
  7. Sachs are not a Chinese motorcycle, they are, and have been made in Germany for yonks.
  8. All their small scoots, including the madass and 150kn, are manufactured in asia. The madass was designed and engineered in europe, later models aren't.
  9. nope. I'm pretty damn sure my sachs is chinese.

    It's basically an old 80's suzuki of some sort (well, it takes the same sprockets.)

    the madass was german designed and chinese made.

    The KN150 is actually an FYM KN150 (fym make heaps of chinese bikes) and has had Sachs put as its brand for australia to give it some credibility... Which is a bold move on their part, and a testament to the reliability of their products.
  10. You can get a registered late 90's zook rmx250 for around that price, and a mate just picked up a registerable ktm250exc '01 for not toomuch over 3000, there are people out there trying to sell and getting despo, bail them out of the GFC and score yourself a decent bike, to be honest I wouldnt want to be doing 50 in the bush over ruts and stuff on a chinese knockoff.
  11. The Sachs brand name started in Germany but in recent years has been
    purchased by a Chinese company to label their crap bikes with, because
    it sounds better than "chinbongyongwang motorcycle co" or whatever.

    Well the chinese made bikes aren't early 90's so I guess that makes them
    junk. Can't disagree there.

    Taiwan is different, they can make some decent scooters there. The quality,
    culture, and technology, is heaps better than mainland china. That's why
    the Chinese government is so darn keen to hang on to the place even
    though Taiwan wants to secede.
  12. I have a young friend in Goulburn who has an Arquin (?) 200 road/trail bike, seems to be reasonably well finished, and plenty good enough for him to do his Ls and Ps on. He's had no mechanical or technical issues with it.
  13. I bought a brand new Haobon 125 (Suzuki GS125 clone) in China last year for $500, and rode 8,000kms around China on it in one month.

    See http://farqhuar.blogspot.com/2008/05/perils-and-frustrations-of-two-wheels.html for details.

    Whilst not the best quality, it was an ideal bike for getting around on Chinese roads. For the average Chinese citizen it was also the equivalent of one of us going out and buying ourselves a brand new 4 door family car for $30k.
  14. My brothers got 140cc and 250cc Atomik dirt bikes for Christmas last year. I can't be bothered typing out all the specific examples of fnck ups, which included a snapped axle from normal riding, but believe me - just don't.
  15. just do not go there
    horror stories are every where
  16. Wrong. Sachs is indeed german.


    Their bikes are engineered in Krautsland, but parts are manufactured and assembled in China, but under German engineering in the assembly plant. Thus, cheap and cheerfull.

    I've got a madass myself, and, for what it is, it is a decent quality scoter-size-motorcycle. It draws looks and interest from everyone. Lots of people come up and talk to me about it when I park it in the city.

    However, I have had an Atomik 250 dirtbike as well, just for fun to get me into the sport. Lets say, that that some of the hardware on it, was pretty good. The engine (loncin I think) was solid and the forks and shocks, while not particularly good performers, seemed robust enough. However, the frame and plastics were shocking. After some 10 hours in the bush, brackets where falling off it.

    My recomendations: If you buy Chinese, make sure the mother company is European or Japanese.
  17. I can't believe the blanket statements people are making about Chinese manufacturing. Are these people living in the 21st century, or still stuck in the 80's? Like any country, China has a wide variety of manufacturers from high quality as good as anything in the west, to cheap as crap throw away manufacturers who just want a quick buck out of the consumer.

    You really should do a bit of research guys...
  18. I bought a QJ Supershadow 250 cruiser (looks identical to a Virago). no major problems though it is older tech than the newer cruisers but sells for $4,700. No problems so far.

    Realise it aint a dirtbike, by figured I'd junk in my 2 cents. The manual is kinda funny though as your headlights and highbeams are reffered to as Farsight settings.
  19. How 'bout you do it for us? Cause I ain't heard shit about quality chinese motorcycles.
  20. From OP:
    "Been looking for a 250 road trail or trail for around $3k, seems like everything round that price is early 90's or junk."

    There is a very good reason for that observation. A carefully looked after early 90's trailie could last for years. A brand new chinese bike could last for years, it could also last for months, you just dont know. You're playing dice on whether you will get a good one, are you willing to take that risk?