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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. just had a brain wave

    china bikes at the moment are questionable at best, but so were jap bikes once upon a time

    if the chinese economy keeps getting better hopefully we will see chinese manufacturers racing against the japanese ones in the world arena, and evolving their production bikes accordingly

    One thing i love about the chinese is their shameless copyright violations, there is no such thing as copyright in china. I can also say that china can achieve first class engineering and manufacturing quality if they want to, they just need to adopt that japanese 'quality before quantity' attitude.

    chinese superbikes?
    a new age of motorcycle evolution?
  2. Since when have the japs had a "quality before Quantity "policy.
    Are you deluded ?
  3. you obviously don't know the chinese
  4. they could make it a series on its own.

    Pit stop for a tyre change/ re fuel / and re pair...
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  5. mark my words
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    (chinese manufacturer)
    "Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is a joint venture founded in 1992 between Yamaha Motor Co. and the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government.

    They manufacture complete Yamaha-brand motorcycles independently, and use their own sales routes for product sales and after-sales service."

    these things are evolving fast


    i would not currently buy a china bike, but the next decade will be interesting.
  7. Only because that's what the market wants. Although Loncin are making engines for BMW, and using those very same engines in their own bikes as well (they're just not allowed to sell them outside China).

    I also reckon there's potential in the Taiwanese Dinli DL282 - a 750cc single cylinder cruiser, with a CVT transmission (which for a cruiser actually makes a lot of sense)

    Can't imagine the Chinese trying to go head to head in the superbike market any time soon. After all, a lot of buyers in that market are only buying an image - which is something they won't get with a Chinese brand even if the performance/quality is comparable. At least not unless the Chinese can manage a modern day CB750.
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  8. Simon
    09/17/2011, 09:12 pm
    I am not sure about 7 of the listed 10 brands being important; however, Lifan, Zongshen, and Loncin are well discussed on several US forums. Several rebranded bikes are in the US made by these companies, or at least their engines are used. In fact, some BMW’s engines are OEM’d by Loncin (I am sure they wouldn’t want you to know that, LOL)

    (shit jd beat me to it)
  9. BMW engines are also made in Taiwan by Kymco - specifically the G450X and their 600/650cc maxi scooters.
  10. Oh and another Chinese bike which seems to have some potential is the Lifan X600.
    Supposedly has a parallel-4 600cc engine, which if true would more than likely end up being used by other Chinese manufacturers as well (Lifan is a major engine supplier).
  11. Didn't something similar happen with cars too (points at Koreans)
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    jd i think my eyes just started to bleed.
    a one make class might work, could be a cheap way to go racing. i think hyo have something like that going on with the 650?
  13. I quite like that Lifan, got a subtle futuristic look to the headlights
  14. Another new model at the motorcycle expo in China last month that looks promising:
    It's a 450cc by Jiajue, though as yet can't find any further info on it (would suspect it's either a single or parallel twin). Potentially much better for our LAMs market than a restricted 650 - assuming of course they can sell it outside of China (the rest of the world has much tougher emissions and safety standards).
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  15. I hope the chinese get birdflu and fcuk off. Their lack of respect for property rights is disgusting and their existence long term will only stifle the motorcycle market for everyone else. Why the hell should Yamaha or Honda pour billions into designing new motorcycles when chongdong motors is just going to pump out a carbon copy of massively reduced quality and undercut them. If there is no return on investment there will be no investment.

    EDIT: that bike above is a direct copy of a VFR1200 with respect to styling
  16. For the same reason European and American companies kept spending money on R&D when the Japanese were blatantly copying their designs and technology.

    If the Japanese make no secret of how they became successful, they certainly can't blame other countries for employing similar tactics themselves. I'd suggest reading "Japan's Motorcycle Wars" - there's a staggering degree of similarity between what's happening in China now and what happened in Japan after WW2.