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China: oh so wrong, oh so right.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Article

    So they're putting all the stray cats into death-camps so Beijing is nice for the Olympics.
    That's pretty harsh... but I guess if there are so many of them they're a problem it must be done. Be nice if they had the cash to do it in a more human way though.



    Their initiatives to clean up the air etc in the city by reducing transport, are interesting:

    Cutting train fares to encourage people to use them?
    Why what a novel idea!
    Why is the western solution to just tax the shit out of anything you don't want people doing that isn't bad enough to make outright illegal?

    ... anyone who works in teaching or child-care will know that positive reinforcement or encouragement is the effective way to positively change behaviour for the long-term.

    Holy crap! It's compulsory over there!
  2. I know that's what you meant to write ;)
  3. Less cats more rats. Take your pick.
  4. [​IMG]
    mmmm, better than beer. Cat!
    Everyone's doing it.
  5. You'll find cats/dogs any stray animals are killed almost the same way in most countries.

    Especially the US.

    Watch a doco called earthlings, but not while your eating.. or before bedtime.

    I recomend watching it before going to the beach, then all the beautifull people of the oppisite sex can take your mind off. :D
  6. Where's Paul McCartney on this one?? :twisted: