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China cnc adjustable levers, think twice!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kermie, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. China cnc adjustable levers







  2. Nasty, but could have been much worse...
  3. Bwahahaha.....I love it. Chicken strips that would feed an army and he puts 'race' levers on his bike? dear o dear.

    Seriously, I don't get the shorty lever thing at all.
  4. A little bit of mechanical aptitude wouldn't have gone astray, "Oh look, the master cylinder plunger is bent at 45 degrees, I wonder how well that will work?"
  5. No surprise Americans can't ride..

    Or modify their bicycles correctly and test it out first
  6. I work on a simple rule...if I replace anything that can have a "life or death" impact, like brakes, protective gear etc then I make sure it's a quality replacement, and that doesn't include anything from China.

    You can see examples of Chinese goods in Oz everyday so that should help make your mind up!
  7. The owner of that bike who installed them confirmed he realised they didn't fit properly, yet decided to ride with them anyway. Then blames the levers for his choice to ignore the problem and ride it.

    Mine fit perfectly, fit and finish is great. I have $300 ASVs to compare with them, and the difference is not what you'd expect.

    +1 billion to the 'not surprised an american gixxer ride with 3 inch chicken strips blames the tool instead of the user' vibe
  8. I have the Pazzo's on mine which look like they are exactly the same as those. Never had a problem in the 18months I've had them on my bike. Can't blame the levers for the owners sheer stupidity
  9. I've had these on my cbr600 for a few months and had no probs. I put them side by side a genuine pair of Pazzos off my 675 and couldn't pick the difference. Having said that I'll remove/refit/check my brake lever tomorrow just to be safe.

    Surely youd notice the pressure building up as you pump the brakes up?? I can't see how it would just lock up like a flicking a light switch..
  10. They look cool silly.
  11. I have shorty levers from China on my bike & I haven't crashed & died yet because of it...

    Then again I did install then correctly...

    Edit: Read his post on page 4, the guy has no idea.
  12. blackster how are your China cnc levers going?
    Shortly I'll be going to my bike shop to get a set in regular length I received from ebay installed and a few other things.
  13. pffft, scratched fairings look cooler!!!
  14. I don't have them fitted on my bike, refuse to put anything Chinese FWIW.
  15. I fitted a set of HK ebay specials on my bike..

    I got the shorty type.. cause they look cool...
  16. i've got chinese levers too. crash tested (rider fault) and they're still good.
  17. I'm getting a set of shorty levers eventually... not cause they look cool, but cause they look kool.
  18. Never realised before but I've always wanted shorty levers.
  19. My AVS feel plasticy
  20. I've had them on my CBR600RR and have had no problems. My mate has pazzo ones on his gix and they look exactly the same. Just bad luck I guess