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China Builds Good Looking Bike - A 600 Naked, In fact

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wayned, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. The Keeway RK600.

    A real looker, IMO, with some obvious styling cues from other bikes. It'll be interesting to see how it measures up.

    Note that this is the huge company that has owned Benelli for a few years now, so they may have dipped into their considerable pool of R&D


    The photo might get pinged, but it's in the full article in the link, so I hope Kevin doesn't mind (apologies if so) -


  2. so they copied a kawasaki er6n
  3. be fair, though, whatever they built would look like something already in the market
  4. oh I am not having a go at them at all

    the best form of flattery is imitation

    when I first saw it I thought it was a er6n

    buy hey to me the gs500f and gixxer thousands look the same as well
  5. it's about time they built something of 'normal' Western capacity and size, and as a poster on the originating forum said, only a fool would underestimate their seriousness about being the world's great manufacturing nation.....
  6. Very nice!!
  7. The frame, including the rear shock layout has shades of an Aprilia Shiver, and the pipes and bellypan are more than a little Benelli TnT. There's a touch of MV Agusta and some Japan Inc nakeds as well.

    Most Chinese knock-offs to now seem to have some good (copied) but often clashing styling elements that don't come together nearly so well as a complete bike. To my eye, the way this design as a whole comes together is right up there with Japan and Europe.

    I'm keen to know who designed it, because they look to have nailed the styling.
  8. I'd like to RIDE it, and who can guess what its Australian pricing might be? Honda's Hornet failed dismally here, but only, in my opinion, because they wanted too much money for a naked 600......
  9. Maybe, but I'd like to let you go first, though ;)
  10. Signifigantly cheaper than the XJ6 in the U.K. suggests a good price.

    The big question is if it's a good bike to ride and how well it's actually built. If it passes muster on those counts it could well be China's CB750.

    If not, it could be China's R1200C/XZ550/CX500 Turbo/etc...
  11. I don't question their ability to build a good looking bike, especially if the design is done by Europeans - that's why they bought up European brands like Sachs and Bennelli after all.
    What I question is their ability to build a bike that will still look good after 6 months of riding. Or one that will stay in one piece for six months, for that matter.
  12. Sexy as hell, looks like a benelli for sure to me... could be an interesting bike to see what happens.
  13. Hmmm... I see a lot of Benelli DNA in that.
  14. most bikes now look similar anyway. If it handles and performs well, good pricing, and is reliable then to hell with not having a name brand..................a bikes for riding, not for polishing off the badges and emblems.
  15. I'd never buy one of those new fangled Japanese bikes. Piddly little engines, 8000+ rpm redlines, weird styling (pressed tin forks for God's sake), they'll all fall apart in 6 months anyway 'cos Made in Japan is code for cheap rubbish........

    And yet here we are :D.
  16. I don't see what point you're trying to make, or rather I don't see the relevance of your point... Sure, things can change but buying Japanese rubbish from the 60's wouldn't mean you were smart predicting their rise to quality 30 years later - it would just mean you bought rubbish.

    Chinese might achieve the same levels of quality one day, but they certainly aren't there yet. I'll judge their achievements 30 years down the track in 30 years time, but they are not relevant to purchasing decisions we make today.
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  17. Pat that'd only work if it were 2050, not 2012 :p (EDIT: RacingTurtles said it better)

    I'll let others take the risk first, if it's anything like normal Chinese stuff... Usually low quality and falls apart before long. Who knows though, maybe it will be good. I'm certainly hoping it will be, means cheaper and better bikes for everyone with the added competition.
  18. possible an outside of china styling house ?

    just because they make everything doesnt mean china actually designs it

    my experience is that they will make anything you give them the blueprints for - this they are really good at

    original styling - hmmm so so for western taste - but they are very quickly closing the gap as many students return to china from studying abroad and bring western influence with them
  19. Looks good - too bad it will be a piece of puss
  20. greatest thing to come out of japan was the datsun 120y :)