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Chin mount on at gt air

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Jane Deaux, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, any advice on the best way to set up a go pro chin mount on a shoei gt air?

    this thing looks good but doesn't let you close the visor

    GoPro HERO4 Helmet Chin Mount this was the next best thing but I'm not sure of the 'legality' of it as it uses an adhesive to mount the camera.

    Please and thank you :)
  2. I think you'll find that most GoPros are mounted with adhesive (just not superglue). The common way to do it is grab a few adapters and put the mount itself on the right hand side of the helmet chin area. You can then make a little snake of adapters that bring the gopro itself to in front of your chin.
  3. If you are aware this will get you into trouble with the po-po in NSW and Vic, but still want to do it anyway, that's your choice. Just make sure you are informed about the risks you are taking with fines etc.
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  4. That's the problem with the go-pro's, they stick out like proverbial dogs bollocks when mounted in any configuration on a helmet. As Dark AngelDark Angel said, just be aware of the fines that you may get or the "good talking to" by the police.

    As much as my Drift is a bit more inconspicuous, I am more and more not mounting it on my helmet these days but looking for mount points on the bike.
  5. Be careful with drifts. I bought one, used for one trip, and the bloody thing came off its mount (the std clip on) while riding down to PI and vanished!
  6. Problem with that is the Camera shakes like crazy then from all the road vibrations. Not smooth like when you mount it on a helmet. That is my biggest issue, I got a chest mount for GoPro but I don't like the position as much.
  7. Haven't yet had an issue with the mounts as of yet, but I always double check them before taking off, last thing I want is for it to come off somewhere!

    Yeah, I'm still trying to find a position that has minimal vibrations, nothing seems as good as your helmet. What do you find the biggest problem with the chest mount position is?
  8. that link GoPro HERO4 Helmet Chin Mount is pretty much how you do it. I've set mine up the same way. The mount I used is curved but not enough so I cut and added some strips of 3M tape in the gaps. you can kind of see what I did in the image below

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  9. It points straight at the speedo ;).
    Or in the case of sportsbikes, straight at the petrol filler cap.
  10. I had the open back case and just used some velcro strap through the back of the case and through the visor/bottom of helmet.
    It stayed in place securely and costed me $2 lol
  11. Ahh yes, both unwanted situations :)
  12. There are so many moto vloggers from VIC and NSW, how is it you don't hear of them getting fined, etc?

    I saw this article not too long ago as well

    GoPro On Motorcycle Helmets Confirmed As Legal In Court

    Helmet has the best POV, IMO, which is why I would prefer to have it as the mount point.
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  13. You're in NSW, right?
  14. VIC
  15. Well it's your choice what you do either way. There's a whopping thread on the issue on here somewhere, all about the Vic fines and case. I suggest you read it.
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  16. man, you east coasters do it tough over there. All this discrimination and persecution of motorcyclists just trying to do their thing! Rise up and revolt I say, Vive La revolution!
    Back to regular programming, the 3M adhesive works quite well in securing an action camera, you'd really have to tear at it before it comes lose. certainly it's not going to suddenly fall off in the wind.
    From my experience, mounting the camera is one of your least concerns.
    If your vlogging and talking then getting good audio can be a hassle ( as in my case) and then there's learning how to use video editing software which I found quite fun.
  17. I work in AV so finding a good mic and getting good audio will be a trial and error challenge I will love to do, already got a few ideas. And I'm sure I will have fun with editing software. Vlogging is low on my list as to why I want a cam though, more so to 'cover my ass' so to speak in terms of insurance/getting blamed for something/catching out people doing the wrong thing, whatever. Being able to capture my rides and upload them is just a perk. I think cams that protrude heaps are just pushing it, in terms of legality. Ive seen cams mounted obnoxiously on top of helmets which look pretty silly. Chin mounts are quite inconspicuous and I've seen some nice mounts on the side.
  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Yep, they look stupid up there, but it gets you a good perspective and open view.

  20. Based on what you've outlined there, I think the Sena 10c is the perfect solution. IT covers everything you've just said.
    The Sena 10c is the thing on the side of my helmet at shown above. its BT and camera rolled into 1 unit with recording options to tag footage at the press of a button for those emergency moments.