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chin curtains/breathe guards

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by imajo, May 11, 2006.

  1. Morning guys,

    Its getting a little cold riding to work these days since winter is arriving. Im thinking about getting a chin curtain for my helmet and/or a breathe guard. Whats your opinion on these?

    Only 7 more hours till i get to go home!

  2. I find the breathe guard pretty good... get a neck warmer coz they're one of the best buys at this time of year :idea:
  3. yeah i have one of those - they are good but still get that rush of air coming under the helmet.
    I hear they also gets the wind noise down a bit
  4. I've recently been trying out a fogg off at Phillip Island.
    When it works it does a good job and when it doesn't things get really foggy. It all depends on the fitment...
    On the road you have more time to stop and adjust it, I guess.
  5. I just tested my Fog Off again on the road and it did seem to work quite well in the hills. I did a comparison of riding without it and the visor fogged again pretty quickly. :grin:
    So, I think I'll use it more frequently this Winter.
  6. I use a neck sock - and with my old helmet it was long enough to have over my nose and still fully cover my neck...

    ...unfortunately the new lid has a handy little bit of material at the chin, which makes it near impossible to keep the sock inside the helmet as I pull it on. :( Still, there's a lot less air in the helmet, and I don't mind my chin getting a little cold. :)