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Chilling tyre photos

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Viker, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. So I'm refilling my tyres this morning, as I do every week, when I see this in my back tyre:

    So I say to myself, "That's a bit of a worry, I'd better take a photo at lunchtime and ask Netrider if I need a new tyre."

    So at lunchtime I'm looking for the crack in my back tyre and I see this:

    Notice the rust-coloured thing on the 'M'?

    That's the tip of the nail.

    That's when I got chills.

    So now the question is can I even ride that thing home?

    Also, what's a good, economical, confidence inspiring tyre for a Kawasaki ER-5? My riding is 40% urban, 40% freeway, 20% hills.
  2. I seem to pick up nails regularly on a corner near work. Tradies drive in and out of a major electrical supplier and I figure they come off the back of utes etc. the usually go in on an angle and follow the carcass across the tyre. I use to panic and replace Tyres. I think there's two nails in the current tyre. I ordered new ones last week and its being replaced today as its close to stuffed anyway. I've covered at least 800km with those two nails in the tyre.
  3. Shit no!
  4. What I'm interesting in knowing is how the hell you got a nail embedded so far up the side wall of the tyre? The only way I can see that happening is if someone put it there.
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  5. That tyre is cactus.
  6. That crack looks like what I had in my Michellin. Discovered it on the Monday night, thought nothing of it. By the Wednesday my tyre was flat. I went from Michellin Pilot Road 2 which was an awesome tyre to the Michellin Pilot Road 3. Same sort of riding as you on a similar type of bike. Can't recommend them enough. Stick to the wet like a fly on shit.

  7. I thought cactus usually had the spikes on the outside?

    It didn't start up there on the sidewall, it started where the head of the nail is now, on the tread.

    I figure the nail was basking on the road with its head towards me. As I rode over it the tip dug in – it would only need to be a mm or two. Then on the next revolution or two the road drove the nail all the way in.
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  8. I'd ride it a couple of kilometers very slowly and that would be it.
  9. Thanks Acid :)

    How many Km did you have on the PR2s before they cracked up?

    I'm 25 Km from home.

    OTOH I seem to have done quite a few Km on the nail already. The half of the head touching the road is worn down to the shaft.
  10. About 9,000km on the PR2. I didn't think it was that much but apparently its about average. There was HEAPS of tread left too. Maybe 35%? But the centre compound had cracked in two places and would no longer hold air. Thought I'd replace the whole thing instead of repairing.
  11. Yes. If it does go, it will most likely leak rather than explode & kill all your loved ones.

    Then replace it ASAP, sidewall damage is usually frowned upon.
  12. What about the kittens? Won't somebody think of the kittens!?
  13. kittens don't get nails in their paws
  14. Judging by the size of the chicken strips, you're in next to no harm of riding over the head of the nail again.
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  15. Might be worth calling @MMMTS and using their call out service if you don't want to risk riding on it.
  16. Exactly. MMMTS is good people.
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  17. Judging by the way the side of the nail head is ground down, I've been over it a few times.

    But yeah, I don't push the envelope too often. I've only been riding for a year and most of my Kms are commuting.
  18. So you would rather the bike be disabled somewhere random out on the road rather than where it is now?
    Doesn't have to 'explode' to cause a crash. Tyres are used inflated for a reason.
  19. Bulge on the sidewall looks like it's a long one. Possibly ok to just get it home but I'd leave it at that. Depends on how far you need to go. Check the pressure and inflate it ASAP.
    I agreewith getting MMTS out. Book and then pull the nail yourself.
    I had a nail go in the rear at the same angle but when I removed it it was short. It was in the groove of the tread. Bought new tyres but am yet to fit them. Rear is holding full pressure and still has plenty of tread. Just lucky. I wouldn't push your luck looking at that.
  20. Well, that would improve the odds of a bikini model in her convertible pulling over to assist me.

    On the other hand, that crashing thing… hmmm…