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Chilean miner dudes

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Just decided to open the live broadcast and 10sec later they pulled the first one out lol.

    Heres the link if anyone wants to watch (no voice overs or anything).

    edit: Hrm, or maybe it was the rescuer sent down and back to test first... the applause wasnt as good as it could be... but the kid waiting and crying his lil ass off sorta suggests otherwise :p.
    edit 2: Ok its definitely the first guy up, all the news sites have just updated to breaking news over it.
  2. Nice to see a good news story for a change.
  3. Confirmed. First miner out. Rescuers still going down on the return journey.
  4. 2nd rescuer going down.
  5. Bit nerve-racking when the capsule ground to a stop three quarters of the way up...
    but it got there.
  6.  Top
  7. thats some good tv.

    GOD that STUPID channel 7 b*tch was realllllllly pissing me off.
    Such an uneducated retard.
    Thank god for the bbc.
  8. Two out.
  9. Haha wonder what the overtime is on 69 days?
  10. HAHA Mario Sepulveda is a legend!
    what a champion.
  11. I thought he was trying to get a beer in the bag, the second thing I'd be after.
  12. i care little for the opinions of our journo's.

    it's as if they are just making shit up to fill the time.

  13. Isnt that what they always do?
  14. yeah...its so painful to listen to them repeat the same facts over and over, pause and fumble for something to say, then insert stupid remark, then ask each other completely ridiculous questions about the event, and show a complete lack of knowledge and ignorance in terms of general knowledge and peoples feelings.
    Shit anyone who has casually read the paper or watched the news knows more then her..

    Bullet to the brain me thinks... Put her down. :)
  15. Ok freeform, post a video of an informative unscripted spiel about a topic that is not your passion and make it interesting, chop chop.
  16. lol


    *starts video'ing out of his apartment window*

    "Hi and Welcome back,
    Yes it is apparent that it IS indeed RAINING outside. Absolutely AMAZING footage from the window here.
    As you may or may not know, this 'rain' comes from the sky, which is....up there *Zoom for close-up of sky*.
    There are OTHER things in the sky too, such as birds, planes, and even on the odd occasion FISH and FROGS. In fact *throws the cat out the window as high as he can* There is a CAT in the sky RIGHT NOW.

    Amazing footage.
    Who would have thought that at 6pm today, this amazing day, the 13th of october, it would be raining..
    Julie some would say the 13th is an unlucky day but obviously this not the case for those raindrops or that cat."
    "Thats right Shem"
    "Yes it is Julie"

    Yeah ok... you win but thats their job, and miss blonde from the morning show isn't up to scratch :)
  17. lol

    Padding is a berluddy difficult skill.

    Gotta hand it to the miners... that's quite an effort not to lose the plot staying holed up underground for a couple of months...
  18. Yeah, its fascinating, they will never have to work a day again and they bloody deserve it.

    Makes you wonder what happened during their darkest moments, there must have been some extreme drama down there that no one will ever hear about.
    Talk about cabin fever.
    Remember that simpsons episode :) ?
  19. If they sent less food down, they could be bringing them out 2 at a time now.

    Efficiency people, efficiency.
  20. My dad was asking if they took turns being the girl, or whether they just picked someone.

    Jokes aside though, will be a close bond between them regardless after an experience like that.