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'Children riding motorbikes a form of abuse'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Children on motorbikes is abuse, says Cairns Base doctor

    Janelle Miles
    October 15, 2009 11:00pm

    ALLOWING children under 10 to ride motorbikes is a form of abuse, a doctor says.

    Cairns Base Hospital orthopedic surgery trainee, Cameron Downes, said more than 230 children aged 16 and under had been treated at the hospital for motorbike accident injuries in eight years.

    A quarter of them were under 10, including one as young as three.

    Dr Downes said eight had been left with permanent disabilities.

    "We have an example of a young child riding at only 20km/h who sustained head, neck, pelvis and long bone injuries and two years later, he had a another serious accident," he said.

    Dr Downes, who presented the research findings to the Australian Orthopedic Association's annual conference in Cairns this week, said many orthopedic surgeons viewed motorbike riding in children as a form of abuse.


  2. I wonder - did he also publish the stats on how many children are hurt when riding horses?

    Anyway, back to his stats: 28 a year on average or around 2 a month. What are the figures for other children under 16 who were admitted to the hospital (presumably its ED) in that time? ie. falling out of trees, hurt playing sport, falling off horses, falling off pushbikes, hurt while playing in playgrounds.

    The guy needs to put this into perspective. I'm disappointed that the fellow who is obviously intelligent, seems fit to focus on motorcycle related accidents when I'd suggest that it's very much a minority activity.
  3. I wonder what the injury figures are like for accidents caused by kids running. With the same logic, kids wont be allowed to run anymore, letting them run is child abuse.
  4. What superlative reporting.
  5. Horse Riding???
    This is from Queensland… what about school yard rugby?
  6. End argument
  7. I'm interested in other peoples thoughts on this. My partner is quite keen on getting the kids some sort of mini trailie one day, but I'm having some second thoughts.
    I'n not a fan of cotton-wooling kids but I just don't see mine being capable until they are considerably older (at least 10).
  8. Rugby League comes to mind.
  9. Should have been banned years ago.

    The children should learn to play walking oz tag.

    and when removing the velcro tags they have to be very careful not to pull too hard because tugging too hard on it could result in the child possibly losing their balance and falling over and breaking their neck.... Children are rather delicate you know. We don't want kids getting hurt now... so we must be very very gentle with the velcro....

  10. i don't have kids but i agree i am not sure i would let them on bikes that early, but i also don't think we need a law against it.....let em ride pushies, climb trees etc.....if you live through till 10 or there abouts well yeah then consider....
  11. And compared with...


    232 children were admitted with horse-related trauma, 97 to the Children's Hospital at Westmead (CHW) over 12 years and 135 to John Hunter Children's Hospital (JHCH) over seven years, with one death at each hospital.

    There were six deaths reported to the New South Wales Paediatric Trauma Death (NPTD) Registry over 12 years. The median age was 11 years (range, 1-17). Girls accounted for 65% of those injured and 75% of children were injured while riding. Falls caused the injury in 76.3% of cases. Head and upper-limb trauma accounted for 216 of the injuries (73%). Five out of six children with severe head injuries died. In the CHW group, helmet use was documented in only 24 riders (38%) and adult supervision in 22 (22.9%).
  12. Sorry I think you misunderstand me…
    I am not having a go at school yard rugby, I just think it would have higher injury rates (Per time not necessarily per participant). Kids get hurt, that is part of growing up, but pointing at motorbikes without the numbers for something like school yard rugby (Or as been pointed out Horse riding) is just a bit of a wank.
  13. Id like to see stats on how many of the kids were wearing protective gear.

    Are the parents suiting their kids up properly?

    You cant keep kids away from fun, but its never too young to start teaching them how to look after their bodies.
  14. I can't work it out.

    Was it the journalist or the surgeon who never got a bike from Santa?

  15. What I would like to know is 28 per year out of how many riding bikes??

    gear is also a concern as has been mentioned previously.
  16. Just leave a comment in the comments section, the idiot has copped a fair whack for engaging mouth before brain.
  17. Any house with steps is child abuse, I have five kids and they have all fallen down steps at one time or another, It doesnt matter what you do, kids will get injured by just being kids,
    I have been seriously hurt riding my pushy more times than I ever did riding my motor cycles,
    The list of injuries my kids sustained growing up would blow your mind, Just running around,
    They smack into all sorts of things, losing balance and just falling over, what do they want us to do. chain them to one spot so they cant move,
    This bloke just wants his name in the newspapers, irrespective of statistics.
  18. Actually a nail gun would do!!
  19. If they ban kids on mini bikes, Australia's Funniest Home Videos will be cut short by fifteen minutes, if they ban the Grandparents as well they'll lose half an hour.
  20. Like veal? Schools would be simple, just brick walls with a row of chains cemented into them. Each chain could have an electric dog training collar on the end of it for "humane behavioral corrections"