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children on bikes as pillions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. i was recently abused by a motorist for having my 10 yr old daughter on my motorbike,i was accused by this person for puting her life in unnesacery risk by having her on the bike.she has a full leather jacket motor cycle gloves and her own leather pants and a full face helmet,i ride within the the speed limit when she is on my bike i take no risks and always take care when we ride together,has anyone else ever had this problem

  2. You should have abused him for getting behind the wheel and endagering his one remaining brain cell.
  3. my reaction was to just ride away
  4. did you point out that it's f#@kwits in cars who
    aren't paying attention while driving that are putting
    your daughter at risk!!!!!!!
  5. mate while i am with my daughter i would never argue with anyone because i think that would put her at more risk,but in saying that and my town being fairly small i know who they are ,and they arent going anywhere
  6. bwahahahahhahaa :LOL:
  7. Very wise move, shows you care about her safety more than some nitwit who's happy enough to divert his attention from the road, get all worked up about something, confront another road user, distract them, and drive off with the incident on their minds.
  8. Did you point out the danger of injury risk involved in you stabbing her in the eye with a screwdriver? :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Self-rightous biatch. These sorts of fcuk wits always try to stop kids having fun. I dealt with them as a kid and gave them all the shit they deserve and now that I'm older I don't see why jack offs should think they own the place. :LOL:
  9. Interesting comment considering that a lot of the most serious injuries of members in here seem to have been self inflicted lately.

    I can see the drivers point after all an adult pillion has the choice and the right as an adult to make that choice where a child........

    Female car racers are banned from racing once they "fall" pregnant to "Protect the rights of the unborn child".

    Personally I don't care either way so attack the topic and not me please.
  10. The same argument can fly straight back in the face of the car drivers, since many who die in cars on the road are children who may not have had the choice.
  11. I honestly think it depends on how you are riding with them on the back.

    If you are doing your daily trip to the shops with the kid on the back to give them a bit of fun, go for it and make the kids day.

    Obviously on the flip side the weekend ride with the mates is NOT the place to have a child on the back.

    A bit of common sense imo.
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  13. The stupid cage drivers just don't understand that it is impossible to fall off a moving motorcycle - as long as you are riding it in a normal manner at the approved speed limit.

    I am constantly telling the pillion passengers that I take on Harley Rides - that they don't need to hang on. In fact I prefer that they don't. I want them to relax, adopt a neutral position - and forget about thinking about leaning. That way they make better pillion passengers.

    The old argument about, "But what happens when they go to sleep?" The answer is simple - "They go to sleep." In fact they just slump forward - not sideways.

    A pillion passenger is similar to an object moving in a straight line. Like a bullet - it moves in the direction projected - it is impossible to make it move left or right....

    Its the physics that cage drivers don't understand. Put them on the back of a bike for an hour - and the lights soon come on. Trust me, I see it almost every day.

    In my opinion - if we don't take some action soon - like an Awareness Ride, these stupid rules they want to introduce will be imposed on us - and nobody will be any better off.

    How about it someone - who is going to get off their arse and get a HUGE Awarness Ride going? It been done in the past.......
  14. I am in agreeance with pillions being 8 years or when there foots can sit on the pegs.
    kiuds that are too you are a danger to them selves as well as the rider if they are taken on the bike at too earlier age.
  15. Be careful about setting an age limit. If you let them do that then you open a whole can of worms.

    The point is - it doesn't matter what sized object you place on the pillion seat - it won't fall sideways. Capish?

    There is common sense - and even I am reluctant to put a very young child on the back of my bike. But that is my choice and my decision. A law isn't required here - just the application of common sense. If we TEACH Common Sense - then more riders are likely to do the right thing (OK detractors - I'll stand back for the oncoming assault.....).

    What we should be focussing on is the imposition of silly laws that are really not required. Like when was the last time you heard a of child falling off a bike that was being ridden in a "normal manner"?

    Pillions get killed when other objects are involved, or when stupid riding behaviour is involved. They don't fall off or get injured in the course of "normal riding". If you want these rules introduced - then it will impose on your freedom to choose how you ride. It is an errossion that is NOT Required.
  16. You organise it - I'll be there....If it costs me a bit - fine too...

  17. If your talking about the 2006 Awareness ride on the Australia Day weekend, i'll be there
  18. Problem is john , the general public dont have common sense so you need to use a age limit or restriction (ie feet to reach the pegs) .
    if the general public and motorcycling community could be accountable for there actions then that would be fine , common sense is something learnt or instiled , but there is way to many fcuk wits out there that dont have it.

    its not just the fact that they could fall off , kids cant even sit in the back seat of the car and leave there seat belt on so the dangers they pose to the rider , jumping about , rubber necking etc etc is far more worse because the riders concentration is on the child and not the road.

    I pillion my boys all the time , but my youngest of three is only 5 , his legs nearly touch the pegs , but On a sports bike he needs to be able to hang on too, g forceds etc .

    last thing i need is to explain why one of my children are dead because they didnt have the strength to hang on or let go at the traffic lights etc .

    IMHO . fight the lane splitting laws , but dont take on the child pillion laws as they will win on this , and it only makes motorcycyclist look reckless if they say we can take any age.
  19. 4 weeks away...
  20. As it stands with requireing kids to reach the footpegs is fine. I was riding on the back of Dad's bike at much younger than 8 and never came off. Given that I'd had my own bike sinse 3, I might of had a better awareness of how to behave than other kids might, but that only further convinces me that common sense has to be used in making judgements about each individual.

    I know a few kids older than 8 that I wouldn't even consider putting on the back. Give people a law to work from and all of a sudden they stop using common sence and play by the written rules. You see regularly in boats. Children under 10 have to wear a lifejacket. As soon as the kid turns 10, people don't tell them to put a jacket on regardless of the conditions (river or Port phillip Bay, Cruising or 70mph doughnuts on the lake) Why?, Beause if the law does the thinking for them, they stop thinking for themselves.