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Children left at home.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. 9 or younger

  2. 10

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  3. 11

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  4. 12

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  5. teenager

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  1. How old do children have to be before they can can be left at home for (for the sake of the question) say 2hrs whilst parents are in town shopping? is there a legal answer?

    no need to peronalise a response, because no doubt people have very different ideas about this subject and i dont want an argument breaking out.
    so just answer the poll so i can see what is popular for most.

    i remember being in primary school, and being left at home from 9am-3pm when i was a child because i was ill and my parents had divorced. i guess i was 9 or 10.

    also, for the sake of the poll, lets assume that all children are of normal health and are adequately intelligent for their age.
  2. seriously, 20 views and 3 votes? :p :p

    help me out here!!!
  3. Hey Joel, I looked and didn't vote.
    For me i think it's got a lot to do with the maturity of the kids in question.
    And whether i believe they are trustworthy enough to not get themselves into strife. Some kids will happily occupy themselves with TV, etc.
    Some will get creative. :wink:
    I was fairly creative.
    Greater expectations and increased responsibility generally begin to increase with adolescence, so around that time is a good rule of thumb.

  4. Like a charm...

  5. +1 with what chef said.
    Also is there an older child watching over younger ones etc

    And yes there is a legal age before a child can be left home alone.
  6. as others have said - depends on maturity of child. and level of responsibility they are required. i've only just started feeling comfortable bout letting my son come home from school - he's 13 - and am now weaning him (well me really cause he was ready ages ago) off going to his family day care mum......

    he had to prove to me that he was responsible enough to come home alone, and he has to ring me as soon as he gets home. he has a mobile with enough credit for emergency call to me, and i know how long it takes to walk home from school.

    he knows that if he breaks the home-alone rules he will be back to his day care mum's place quicker than u can say it..... :LOL:
  7. I also agree with chef, and add it also depends on where you live.

    If you have neighbours you (and the youngsters) trust you might feel safe leaving them when they are a little younger.

    We waited until the oldest was 13 before we started to leave them for a couple of hours through the day. There is one house a fuel depot and a factory near where we are, Plus tourists going past all day.
    If we had lived in town with a good neighbour on either side we possibly would have left them during the day a year or two earlier
  8. I burnt down my backyard the first time I was left alone before the age of 13, the second time I smashed a window (made a B-B gun), and the third time I locked myself out, and broke the fly screen to my window getting back in.
  9. thanks guys,
    for my kids, there is grandparents a few doors down so no issue here. it was just an issue that came up (over beer :LOL: )during my week working in delegate with the boys.

    hey spin, i bet i could point your house out!! ;)

    chef, yeah agree wholeheartedly mate. my question was more from an analytical aspect as opposed to a logical one.

    charmed - do you know the legal age?

    scrambles - thats a good method, i have aluminium cloth tape, will that suffice? :LOL:
  10. I was thinking that as I typed. I reckon you could also guess what company I work for! :shock:
  11. Age is 14. But lets be honest here, we have all left our kids home alone @ some time before that age. And its obviously not common knowledge, hell I cant even recall how I found that bit of info out.
  12. Joel, your vote options do not have the one I was going to choose...

    For me.. When they go to Uni and able to take care of themselves..
  13. +1 on chef

    I would do it on a stage by stage basis. With the "olds" further away/inaccessable each time and see how they react.
    Plus they probably need to be mature enough to be able to act in an emergency :wink: