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Children and bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StRider, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. I'm wondering what the general attitude is towards taking kids on the back of bikes; I notice that I don't see too many, unlike in Europe or Asia where it's a normal thing. In fact, it's almost impossible to find kids' riding gear - unless it's MX. I went to MCAS Parramatta and the guy there told me that it doesn't exist. That's bull, frankly, as I saw lots of cool stuff in Italy, and in fact I spoke to a new importer in Sydney who has been trying to distribute kids gear and she said it's the retailers who aren't interested in stocking it.

    So I assume there's not much demand. I and a few of my friends do take our kids on our bikes, and we have no problem with it, if we thought it was too dangerous we wouldn't be riding ourselves ...

    Is this one of those attitudes that are slowly changing (like the scooter market for instance)? What are your thoughts?

  2. As long as they can reach the pegs and understand the need to hang on it's fine. My dad took me for rides on his bike when I was a kid and I always had a hoot of a time. It was only a GSX250 but it seemed fast compared to my PW50. :woot: It's just one of the many ways kids can be encouraged to get into riding themselves and an experience they'll be unlikely to ever forget. All it takes is a bit of common sense (riding style included). :)
  3. It is a good thing that kids bike clothing doesn't exist because then there wouldn't be this web site. www.kidbikers.com.au/. As for taking kids on the bike. I don't have a problem with it as long as they can do the right thing whilst on the back.
  4. Fill the market void yourslef, and make a mint
  5. That's the people I'm talking about ... they're primarily importers, but the shops aren't too interested in stocking their stuff. Don't let that stop anyone, as they will open their storeroom for anyone after kids' stuff :dance:

    Anyhow I can get stuff online or in Europe, I'm there often enough. I'm more curious about attitudes to be honest, I only mentioned the situation with kids' clothing to highlight this point.

    It's a thought, but motorcycling is my leisure; the best way to risk stuffing that up is to make a business out of it or get involevd in the politics of it. No thanks, too busy anyhow.
  6. i take my 5 & 7 for the odd squirt down the road.
    they love it, but have grown up around/on bikes.
    they have a helmet, goggles, boots, and jacket. they wear jeans over cottons more for warmth than anti-squid to be honest....when you got your dearest loved ones on the back you tend to take it very easy anyhow :)
  7. we always take our 10 and 8 yo's on the backs of our bikes, and same thing, have trouble finding kids gear that isn't motorcross. had to buy a reeeelllllyyy small ladies jacket for my son and pad them up with 2 pairs of jeans cos we can't find any kids pants around. we would like to get them leather, but that doesn't exist either.
  8. It's funny but the same people who would scream loudest about allowing children on the back of a motorcycle are often the same ones who are perfectly happy to allow them to ride a horse. If anyone tells you it's too dangerous for children - refer them to this report from Flinders Uni.

    This rate suggests horse riding is more dangerous than motorcycle riding and automobile racing (Gierup et al. 1976); (Firth 1985); (Nelson et al. 1994); and (Paix 1999). The danger from horse riding is compounded by the interaction of two species, human and horse, which may result in unpredictable events.

    Although in population terms, the frequency of death and injury is low, the severity of horse related injuries is high, particularly in children and young adults...
  9. my kids have the dririder kids jacket 'Aspen'
    its the only one they made in kids sizes
    for jeans we were lucky enough to stop into draggin jeans when they had extra kids cargo jeans made up for a special order woohoo

    they have motorcross boots with the steel front toe removed

    the only thing I cant get hold of is decent gloves!!!
    I tried to order some from a kids specialist in the UK but still waiting for a reply from last winter :roll:

    our 11 and 10 year old love it and we take them on all our rides (except last weekends ride on dirt)

  10. +1
    lou and i take our girls riding and thay love every minute of it, thay both have full gear
    there is a vic member by the name of pink angle on netrider, she had the starider stand at the syd m/c show, we fitted out our youngest with proper gear with armour,and the pillion grips are worth every cent, the quality was better by far than the other kids gear we looked at. :grin:
  11. I had the same problem when I was younger, just used newspapers instead lol.
  12. Here is a pic of our daughter in her gear. The next thing on the list is a road helmet for her. Our eldest daught was ableto fit nicely in a ladies small and we got her pants from starrider. The have great customer service too. www.starider.com.au There kids range is called starkidz

  13. Some of my earliest memories are from being on the back of my fathers bikes. He had a triumph trophy, a suzuki 2 stroke, a vespa (original) and some other 2 stroke which i cant remember. I never was put in danger, he was my father, he did everything he could to make sure i was safe, as im sure anyone would. I was made to understand what to do, given gear, and my dad went very slow. It was some of the best times of my young life, ill never forget it.
    If all possible precautions are taken, i cant see anything wrong with taking kids on a bike.
  14. Riding is a passion of mine, and I'll be rooted if I'm going to exclude my family from it for the simple fact that people don't make the gear.

    I'll hit the paddocks with a knife and overlocker if necessary :p
  15. Keeping kids in fitting bike gear would be quite the wardrobe cost.

    Their bodies change shape a lot quicker than ours do ^_^
  16. Looking good chickibabe :wink:

    Yea the cost issue did occur to me too, but that's just normal with children. Clothes, shoes, ski gear, and now riding gear. Oh well, it just goes on and on ...
  17. I take my son for a blat every now and then around the back streets, and have sat him on the tank of the farm bike for a jaunt down the paddocks.

    The best thing about kids and motorbikes is they know exactly what is so good about it, without ever having to explain it. :wink:
  18. [​IMG]



    If you are after kidz gear, just go into any good motorcycle store and ask them to bring it in for you. We are wholesale now
  19. No harm in taking your kid on the bike, provided that:
    1. They are properly dressed in protective gear - that can be a challenge of course if it is hard to get
    2. You drive careful
    3. you teach them how to behave and what not to do when riding pillion.
  20. speak to george at DELINI LEATHERS.. he makes kids and adults gear. he's in coburg melbourne, and i can PM you his details if you need em.. his work is bloody fantastic!