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childhood trauma

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. some otherwise, everyday things hit us to the core in our childhood.

    when i was young my dad use to drive the family thru kings cross at every opertunity. he would say 'look at the hookers kids!'.

    there never were any, he only took us thru during the day, but on one day, long before i ever learnt anything to do with the rather unique facts of life, i saw 2 men kissing [they were hiding behind a telegraph pole, but we were on the other side of it].

    Oh God! i saw everything!

    i was very surprised.

    whats your childhood trauma?

    the only other one i can think of was the day a teacher at school said "i was your age once". i gasp in shock, i had no idea adults were ever kids :LOL:
  2. Being an identical twin and being the subject of relentless physical bullying, both at school and after it, as a result. This went on for the whole time we were in school in Adelaide. And just to balance the leger, our many Italian and Greek friends were never bullied, on the basis of race or any other basis.

    Didn't effect me though.....
  3. paul wrote

    what? being an identical twin led to that? so, like, um, your twin rubbed some people up the wrong way, owed people money, and when you were spotted trotting down the foot path, you got what was meant for your brother?

    so how does all this continue after school?

    in my day, we didnt make fun of wogs and greeks. it was those who didnt go to our school that got heaps, and those who drive WRX :wink:

    my lawn mower man said something very interesting the other day. he said the italians and the greeks are the best people to work for. they bring icy cold cordial out to the guys on a hot day, and invite them in for cake and coffee. he then said, 'and i use to tease them at school'
  4. Ahhh, childhood trauma, everyone's friend.
    Was an overweight kid, used to get bullied, one day grew a lot, still overweight but 6ft. Clobbered a couple of bullies, problems stopped overnight! :rofl:
    Then there was my father drowning when I was seven, that was interesting.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. ha ha! good on ya!

    how did your father drown?
  6. was really hairy as a kid grade 1 and 2 i had more hair than some teenagers, frikin wogs. use to be called ape man etc

    so i fixed the problem by pretending to be a monkey and went ape sh#t and bashed the main offender

    problem solved :blackeye: :twisted:
  7. Pommy immigrant, big surf at manly beach, stormwater outlet pipe.
    Couldn't swim for peanuts, went out in a big surf and got trapped under the outflow pipe.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. woe! did the council make any changes after that?
  9. PFFFT! In 1977? No such thing as public liability back then!

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. public liability got out of hand fast, but still, if there was a danger about, the council would rectify it because its the decent thing to do, not because they're going to get sued.

    so im asking if there's anything in place to stop that happening again.
  11. I duno, I don't really go to the beach much (sunburn) and particularly Sydney beaches.
    Maybe one of teh northern beahes locals on NR could tell us?

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. well, that's a pretty horrible thing to have happen matey. maybe you could write a letter to manly warringa council asking about the state of that pipe.

    a close friends father went into hospital for a simple knee operation. after he was put back in the ward a blood clot got to his lung and killed him.

    because of him, all patients have anti coagulant injections when in hospital.


    thats cool, u looked older right? i mean [where was the hair]?

    since chemo ive noticed im growing facial hair. NOT COOL! NOT COOL! im gunna wait it out, see where it goes. hm
  13. Yeah it goes much further out, and the sand kind of covers it so not really an issue.

    Plus poms are beaten before ever entering the water nowadays.
  14. my childhood trauma, Christ where do i begin....... well last week :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: the upside of never growing up...
  15. How's this for trauma Jax. When I was very young, I was taken to the doctor and circumsized. I was so damaged by the experience that I couldn't walk for a year.
  16. What, couldn't the doctor tell the difference between your big toe and your ..... ??? :LOL:
  17. No, apparently not.
  18. roder wrote

    is this a joke because you wouldn't have walked for a year after you were circumsized anyway, due to the fact you were a bub?

    that is tramatic [no disrespect to andrew]. were you naughty rodger? did your mother re-marry and he was a jew?

    i know that circumsizion sometimes has to happen later in life because problems come up. if you get it done in your late teens, apparently its excruciating and you cant walk for a ages. the first month is hell.

    what did you tell the kids at school?
  19. Usual childhood stuff. Fat, bright and didn't have the local accent so I was crucified at school. Still don't do confrontation well.

    Having grossly incompetent parents didn't help much either. Or, to be strictly fair, one grossly incompetent and one not around much.

    Seems like rather small beer compared to early bereavement or sexual mutilation though.
  20. patb

    not good dude! i was once that way but found the cure!


    that will knock the prob right out of you and you'll be a pro in a big way.

    wow, dark!

    these sexual assult as well, that's got to be pretty tough.

    there's no such thing as an easy life, no matter how one may look from the outside.

    cheers :cool: