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Child support - rant

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. So should paying a total of $27 a month for 3 kids be deemed as 'Child Support' or a 'kick in the guts'.

    The previous amt wasn't all that great either - $40 a week but $27 a mth?? Pathetic.


    Rant over.
  2. I vote kick.

    Unfortunately the system doesn't work for either party.
  3. Seems to be working quite well for him Tramp.
  4. How the f**k does that happen?!?! $40 a week is still pitiful, but $27 a month?!?! What kind of stupid-arsed arrangement is that?!?!?!

    $27 a month for 3 kids , is $9 per child per month! That's a whole 30c a day per child! What the hell are you supposed to do with that, buy them 12 sultanas each a day to survive on?!?!

    That sucks Rosie, I hope the situation improves soon!
  5. Personally, I have found the CSA a lot better to deal with recently than in years gone by. Are the kids with you full time?? How much does he earn??

    It cuts both ways. I got sick of paying my ex $400 or so a month for one kid and seeing it be spent on overseas trips and such. Especially when I still had to pay for clothes, bedroom, food etc. etc. when she stayed with me. I demanded I have my kid 1 week on 1 week off and now my ex is supposed to (but doesn't) pay me a bit :grin: sweet.

    $27 a month certainly does sound crappy if you have them most of the time though. :(
  6. Sorry, let me correct my earlier (misleading) post.
    I know of (many) cases where it doesn't work. They are distributed 50/50 between the person paying and the person receiving.
    I agree, in your case it sounds like a pitiful amount (I don't know any facts), and unfortunately, you are not alone.

    The whole system is dodgy.
  7. He has them one weekend a fortnight and 2 wks every Xmas holidays - they live with me all otehr times. They got the new figure going off his 'earnings' and I think the amt they have to pay drops when they have a baby (as he's done with wife).

    I'm single mum and a full time student. Don't have any earnings.

    Whatever. It sucks. Just had to rant about it. Got it off my chest. Not wasting any more time or energy on this issue as it gets me nowhere.
  8. Very tricky subject Rosie, I am sympathetic to you and your situation, however it works against me as a father and a payer. My ex (lawyer) has thrown every impediment in my way to getting equal contact (as is my right) and it comes down to the simple fact that I can not afford the legal fees needed to gain equality. This leaves me as they payer and I have to fork out just over $1K per month for 1 child. I earn a lot less than her and I am sure she laughs at me every time she looks past her $50K car, parked in front of her $850K house, as I drive my $10K corolla back west to my rental unit after my restrictive contact.
  9. The whole "earnings" things is where the wheels fall off the system.

    I knew a woman whose ex owned a cab, licence and all. However, the way he worked his figures, he didn't "earn" any money, so she never saw a red cent.

    The old adage stands true: Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.
  10. my biological father paid ~$72 per week, per child (four of us in total) from 1991 - until each and every one of us became 18.
    cant fault him on his CS, maybe other areas, but not CS.
    $27/mth for 3 sounds like he needs a floggin' no matter how much he is earning :evil:
  11. $27 per month would equal an income for the payer of about $17000 per year I'd think. Do you think that's about right?

    What is the payers official ATO Income? What is the payers ACTUAL income? ;)

    I hate people that rip the system off, no matter bad the system is. That goes for the no hoper who resigns jobs, refuses to pay, deliberately takes Cash I Hand jobs so as to avoid Tax, as it does for the lazy blood sucking sit on arse, or shack up with another partner and leech money out of the ex type people as well.

    My ex and I have a private arrangement that is registered with the CSA. It is an amount less than what they'd be having me pay, but it is REALISTIC on both requirements, and allowing me a lifestyle. I pay in excess of $1K per month for my 2 kids support.

    When I got my new job (this job), I was fortunate to gat a healthy pay rise along with it. My ex would have been none the wiser, but I told her about the pay rise and accordingly offered her a pay rise in the amount I pay her. As a result, I get no complaints whatsoever, and have an even better relationship with her. This ultimately benefits everyone, especially the kids.

    Man oh man couldn't I do with the money, my life would hugely simpler and more comfortable, but then the kids wouldn't probably be in their own house any longer, their lives would be poorer, the whole things woul dbe shit.

    They're my kids, I love them dearly.
  12. this is an example of the blood sucker I refer to above. Karma will burn her karl. Just love your kids to bits, build a very special and high quality relationship with them (I'm sure you do already), and above all be up front and honest with them. Love and respect are worth millions. Angst, spite and underhandedness costs millions.

    You will win in the long run.
  13. Good on you, doonx, for doing the right thing by your kids.
  14. I hate people, male or female, who use their children as a weapon of spite on the other partner.....
  15. Ask Roarin Rosie, he be getting :bannanabutt: Touchy subject child support. Never been there so can really comment, but my sister works for DSS in family payments, so I heard some horror stories :?
  16. That seems like crap Rosie but there are plenty of fathers who pay for ex's extravagant lifestyles and habits while they will never own their own home again.

    If yours can afford to pay he should be paying. Have you appealed?
  17. The agency in general is a joke,when the system uses take home pay not gross plus percentage as a guide, and takes into account the other partners joint income if they have one then this would fix a lot of the agro out there.There will always be dodgy dudes out there as well as greedy dudes,thats the other half of the problem :cool:
  18. Geez, even sponsoring a child in africa costs $1 a day.
    That gets them clothing, food and schooling in a 3rd world country.

    What do they expect you can buy here for under a dollar a day for 3 kids??
  19. Yeah, like the ex of a mate of mine. They had a little girl with downs syndrome, this biatch fought him for custody, won, and then said he could have his daughter back if he signed over his half of the house. He did, and she immediately sold it and disappeared overseas with her new bloke, leaving him with no home and a handicapped child to raise. Heartless piece of human garbage....
  20. I feel for you Rosie. My gf's ex husband is a total f$%%$$t. He doesn't have to pay because his "income" is "too low" This is someone who has multiple jobs and does not exist in the tax system. His company earns "nothing". The child Support agency, tax department can't be bothered chasing him but they are more than willing to chase down my gf. While he drinks all of his income and splashes his money on buying his childrens' love. My gf cannot afford the basics like school stationery.

    This alcoholic, wife bashing f#$%#$t could not be charged by police for breaching an AVO (after he hit his middle child) because his lawyers put the middle child into a situation where he would crack and run away. (Therefore refusing to give evidence - the whole charge/case was dismissed). This f#$#$@t has got away with everything. Bashing his ex-wife and kids. Acting tough and aggressive towards me; in front of his kids towards because he knows I can't do anything in front of his kids. Having the child support agency let him off the hook. Having never been charged for tax evasion. Being too stupid otr too tight to employ an accountant to sort out his mess. Drinking so much grog but never having to suffer liver poisoning. Smoking heaps but having no signs of lung cancer. Why does fate pick on the innnonence ones like kids.

    Even DOCS leaves him alone despite numerous complaints by myself, teachers, welfare workers, etc. (That's a different story).

    The f%#$%t who get away not paying child support are ususally the wife bashers as well. While I see good fathers get screwed. Rosie, your ex deserves ...... I guess you can fill in the blanks. Even the sheer dishonesty in ripping off your own kids is so disgusting!!!!