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Child sexual abuse study

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by andreabennet, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Posting with permission from Jason (thank you).

    My name is Andrea Bennet and I am conducting a research project with Dr Bianca Klettke, a lecturer in the School of Psychology, Deakin University.

    I am conducting this research to find out how the Australian public perceives child sexual assault. I would like to invite you to participate in this research. You must be above the age of 18 years as this study concerns information that is potentially distressing in nature of the content.

    Your participation will be anonymous and no identifying information will be asked of you. You will be provided with a link which will take you to an invitation for an online survey. In this survey you will be asked read a mock court transcript describing child abuse and you will then be asked to respond to questionnaire. The survey will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.

    If you decided to participate, please follow this link http://www.deakin.edu.au/psychology/research/andreabennet

    Thank you!
  2. Pretty vague survey without any evidence presented on either side of the case study. Obviously child abuse is a serious matter, but I think people get a little rabid and irrational with this sort of thing, believing that no child could possible lie or deceive. I have first hand knowledge of children plotting lies about this sort of thing at primary school age.

    :edit: err not first hand as in it happened to me...
  3. ^ it's about perceptions, not the case at hand
  4. I'd (personally) be interested in hearing more about that.

    Why? As a general rule it's been found that children (very young ones especially) don't lie about abuse, and if they do, they are often being "fed" the information for another purpose (eg: a messy divorce).

    The reasons are simple.
    (i) Young children don't have any concept of "lying" and as such can't construct or maintain a complex story.
    I'm NOT talking about fantasy / fairy tales. These they do quite well, but it's obvious what they are and when questioned the fantasy falls apart.
    (ii) Young children don't have the "factual knowledge" about sex to begin with unless they have been exposed to it.

    As a general rule, if a young child starts "telling tales" about abuse, the best thing you can do is listen!
  5. survey was too long lost interest
  6. I knew a lady that went through that big time. A girl she used to look after claimed she'd done stuff to her. She went through the ringer big time. Turns out, this girl had been through that before with someone else, and just said it again for the attention.

    Not all kids do that of course, and the girl had actually been abused before, which is how she knew the details to say. Ruined my friends life though.
  7. I and most of my year level were, if not sexually active, then more than sexually aware, and we'd all already started looking at p0rn by 10-12yo. Someone I'm very close to was involved in a plot in primary school to get a teacher arrested and jailed because he gave hard quizzes. They wanted her to report him for sexual abuse, and they would then all come out and admit the same. They were 10-12yo. Kids lie constantly. The severity of the lies differ from child to child of course, and they're not all devils, but it's not a rare thing. Any kid could see the amount of attention this sort of thing gets in a movie or on TV or something and decide to mimic it.

    Just to be clear, I'm not saying we should assume the accused is innocent without ironclad evidence against, but I do believe that it has to be carefully considered. In this overly PC culture with mass 'pedophilia' (often incorrect terming) hysteria perpetuated through the media, it's a knee jerk ingrained response to assume that anyone under the age of 18 is automatically innocent in any sexual case, when on the very next page the head article is on increased drug use in teenagers and lowered age of sexual activity (I personally know girls that became sexually active in year 7 (11-13yo)(once again I just know them, didn't take advantage of that fact))
  8. Having been a victim myself I can assure you and then having to be a jury for a kiddie fiddler case I can see this from a very different perspective. In fact I had shelved all my memories until I was a juror, I had personally denied what happened. Oddly enough, I went into the court room not beleiving that the guy could have done what he did (to his own daughter in fact) and I was the juror that was holding out. But the fact is, as a juror you have to remove all emotion from the situation, and think rationally. And when I did that and made the clerk replay all the evidence (nothing graphic, just interviews) it was quite obvious what had happened, I just did not want to beleive it.

    After that case, I went to the sheriff and ask to be dismissed from any further cases, as I was pretty mentally fucked up over the whole thing. It was therapy for me in some ways, because I have now learned to deal with and speak about what happened to me.

    OTOH, I left home quite young and I used to take in all sorts of stray kids. Had one girl who had been abused, but her friend decided to come out and say the same thing. Turned out the friend was full of shit. So you have to be so careful about what you believe sometimes.
  9. Hi Gurbachen, CSA studies usually use even shorter stories and normally told only from the victim's perspective. I tried to use a vignette that was a bit more detailed and had the perpetrator's side as well. We have to keep surveys short, because as a PP said, they become long and people lose interest.

    Thank you for your feedback though, it's useful to see what people think of the surveys.
  10. I would like to add that false allegations made by children are very rare and the experiences of children who do make it to court can be abusive in it's self. Here is an interesting article for those who are interested in the topic, it's evident in the review that not many children would go through such an ordeal just to 'get back' at someone. http://www.aic.gov.au/documents/1/8/F/{18FF5A71-2773-4BC8-BC93-933DD57A5BDD}ti250.pdf
  11. I certainly understand that, I didn't mean to imply that it's common in any way.
  12. Done. They survey was ok lengthwise. The only problem I had was the last few questions attributing a percentage of guilt to each party.

    We were never told if the case study was proven either way so not knowing if the events actually happened, it is impossible to answer those questions properly. If the event happened it goes one way, but if it was a false allegation then blame would go the other way.

    For those questions I optedto assume you wanted us to assume the events had happened as alleged.
  13. Done. Not too onerous.

    The questions at the end require an explicit guilty/innocent judgement, where the previous questions allow an uncertain response. However, the judgement made is not explicitly asked for. Some variation might creep in as a result.

    I'm a bit curious about the preliminary survey, though. Questions about speeding? I presume these are to establish to what degree the participants are law abiding. I think you'll find that answers to these questions from participants in a motorcycling forum would be significantly different to the wider community, and might not be an acccurate measure of respect for the law/authority.

    Happy to be corrected if this is not the intent.
  14. +1 to the messy divorce. I hate women who use kids as weapons against men, especially when it goes that far as to say abuse happened. Had a friend whose 5yo daughter was coached by the mother to say daddy touched me on a visitation day, as she didnt like having to see him every other weekend.
    All said and done he spent 5 weeks in jail until the daughter came forward, realising that she wouldnt get to see her dad anymore, admitting she just said what mum told her to say.
    The mum got away with barely a wrist slap. My mate is still petitioning the courts to have his name removed from the registered sex offenders list.
  16. Like I said, I wouldn't say it's common but I wouldn't go so far as to say very rare either. It was just an ordinary school for ordinary kids that this false accusation conspiracy was hatched at. Of course they could all be drug addict prostitutes or something by now so who knows/cares
  17. When i was about 15, (mid 70's) a friend of the families 4? year old, came up and stood real close to me rubbed my crotch and said, "will you be my friend?"
    i was horrified and disgusted that this little girl would do that, never even gave a thought that she must have learnt it from somewhere..
    Years later she accused her father of molesting her, i was interstate then, so only heard second hand reports well after it had happened, thats when i remembered, I told anyone who spoke about it in no uncertain terms that I believed her.
    Very few other people did, the excuse from her family was that "she's been imagining it for so long that she believes it really happened".
    Her mother supported her husband till the day he died. Bastard deserved every minute of pain the cancer put him through.
  18. All the questions about speeding seems to me like they're trying to see if they can draw a conclusion that the act of speeding is a "gateway crime" to child molestation.

    Personally I reckon if you're going to do the survey, it's your duty to answer honestly if you do speed. Then unless you're a total f*cking sicko who deserves to be put to death in excruciating pain then you'll answer the rest of the questions stating that child abuse is never okay and that the child is never to blame. F*ck, I don't care if you replaced the 10yo girl with a 21yo girl, no means no, the act of resisting means no, and no one asks nor deserves to be molested, and it's your duty as a responsible adult to not take advantage of an immature underage child.

    In any event, the point being that by being honest about your speeding (and assuming that you don't support child molestation), that will hammer a nail in the coffin that they're obviously going for, which is "free thinkers are just child molestors waiting for an opportunity".

  19. I'm just poping back to say that speeding or not has nothing to do with the survey, the prelimenary questions are different scales looking at how people relate to others etc. I don't want to go into too much detail as I would prefer that people answer honestly, but speeding or how you use the road has nothing to do with my study. I would have made that clear if it were as it would be deceptive of me not to.

    Thank you to everyone showing interest in this, I'm finding the discussions to be really interesting and refreshing that people are not being too PC about this subject. Many times people say what they think they should say rather than how they truly feel, so thank you.
  20. notes:

    :section 3. difficult as not gender specific. if i was to insert "female" prior to how they feel about something, way out of my league, as i have no understanding of womens feelings whatsoever.

    :section 4. motorcycle forum targeted demographic. we like to be scared. we enjoy it. no negative connotations .

    :no sociopath will answer relevant sections honestly, so you won't weed them out for reference.

    :empaths cannot be presumed irrational.

    personal beliefs: no chance of rehabilitation for monsters. none. impossible.
    they are not the same species as us. i have no qualms with them being put to death humanely. no different than euthanizing a sick animal. in fact a fair and right response.
    any justice system that allows them to live among us, once discovered, is either naive or peverse. our justice system is flawed as it is hampered by recognition that child molestors are human beings and afforded human rights accordingly. they were not born human and can't be blamed or held accountable for what they are. they can't learn, or be taught, to be human in the vain hope that they may someday feel remorse for the benefit of the victims sensitivities.
    euthanasia is the only sensible, practical and workable solution. the only way to ensure they can't damage further lives.
    if it was my child i would not seek justice from a system that would fail my child and place other children at risk in future.
    the responsibility to protect my child is mine as the parent. that's the law of nature. i cannot change that. consequence is irrelevant.