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Child seat restraints in utes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ezyryder, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Am thinking of trading in the car and getting a ute. We are looking at twin-cab type vehicles i.e. Holden Rodeos, Hilux etc.

    Question: does anyone know if child seat restraints are installed/available for regular single-cab utes i.e. Falcon/Commodore utes? I'm doing some research, will still look around for an answer but wondered if anyone had some info/thoughts. We don't have kids but wouldn't want to spend the coin on something that couldn't cater for this down the track...
  2. damn - i used to know that, it was mentioned on the car show a few months back - i think it was for a double cab though :?

    But your best bet might be to go to one of those car dealer streets (auto-alley etc) and just go from shop to shop finding the different models
  3. ADR's require all passenger vehicles to have at least one anchorage point. At least the middle of a 2nd row seating, or the passenger seat if only 1 row seating.
  4. If the vehicle doesn't have anchorage points, it is pretty easy and cheap to get them fitted legally. Merely involves installing a hardpoint and a short webbing strop with buckle.
    I believe it is O.K to carry small children and baby capsules in the front seat if it is the only one available.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. The problem is twin cab utes are considered a commercial vehicle so passenger vehicle ADR's don't apply (hence a lack of airbags on the poverty pack versions).

    Don't quote me as I'm not 100% sure but I think the Holden Crewman (Commodore ute with 4 doors) has the clips for the kiddie seats.
  6. Thanks for the replies peeps, helps greatly :)
  7. The way their advertising campaign was I think you could safely assume so.
  8. I went to the cops to ask this question (about a two seat car, but ute is the same). It is legal to fit baby seat/capsule if there is no back seat;
    a) if the anchors are factory fitted, or approved by a licenced fitter (there are lots of these around the suburbs;
    b) there is no airbag fitted to that position
  9. For the love of God [and the resale value of your vehicle] do not buy a Rodeo.

    Hilux for sure if you want Dual Cab... I'll be selling my Dual Cab Hilux in a couple of weeks ;)
    1999 model, Diesel, non-turbo, 4x4, SR5 bodykit, LN interior [vinyl floors! the little tyke can throw up to his heart's content and you get to just hose the back out :grin:].