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Child on Bike on M4?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jzell67, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Driving along the M4 today, doing approx 90, traffic flowing nicely and what do i see?

    A bike in the right hand lane with a child on the back. The child had a helmet, a nice pink skirt, pretty shoes and some top on.

    I was a bit surprised to see this on a motorway. Then as the rider proceeded to change lanes, going from the far right to the far left to pass cars and vice versa, i started to get mad and pissed off.

    Just asking the question... Would you do this?

  2. how about where is your welcome thread and are you hot?

    no i wouldn't do that shit with my kid but some people are confident enough to know they're capabilities and raise their kids around bikes
  3. 25 odd years ago, I was the kid on the back and loved it.

    Let people live a little. He's not forcing the kid to get drunk and please a group of strangers. She's riding on the back of a motorbike in accordance with the law.
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  4. Welcome thread....<--- done :)

    No im not hot... and im old thats why i was plodding along in the left lane in my little suzuki swift :driver:
  5. No, but I'm a bit picky about it. Everyone else can do with their kids as they please; I'm not judging...

    Hell, my son is 24. I just picked up his bike from Adelaide and brought it back to fix - at my expense. I've told him he isn't getting it back until he and his fiance get some protective pants (they have jackets) - which I am also happy to pay for.

    You know the golden rule? He who has the gold, makes the rules.

    ETA: I have no problem with kids on bikes (assuming they're big enough), but mine will wear all the gear. Wasn't sure if my post was clear about that vs allowing kids on bikes at all.

  6. My grandson wants to ride on my bike and when he's 8 and ill take him...round the block...

    But as 87crisis said its about being confidant in your abilities.... Maybe im basing my feelings on my own sucky bike riding ability.
  7. In Asia, you see kids on bikes all the time with their parents/guardians.

    Heck, you see whole families (both parents and 2 kids) on a motorbike at one time.

    I'm not going to do it, but not going to be mad over it.
  8. I've taken my niece(5) up and down the driveway on their farm and my mums beach house... slowly.... no way i'd be out on the highway with her... When she's a little older maybe but i'd be pretty damn cautious.
  9. While I may not wear all the gear all the time, my kids wore the best and most appropriate gear I could afford for them.

    My eldest was 6 when I first started riding, my youngest wasn't 1. They both got to have a ride around the back yard most days. As the eldest got more confident I took him around the block a few times then started increasing the distances. The youngest started out sitting on the tank in front of me with me holding him. As he grew he migrated to the back seat, then round the block etc etc.

    The eldest is now 23 and has been riding since he was 16 and 9 months (only just got his drivers licence). The youngest is nearly 17, he doesn't want a bike yet because you can't fit a bass guitar or electric guitar and amps on a bike.
  10. Only one?

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  11. I used to love riding on the back on my dads cbr1000f and harleys when I was young. I also remember scrambling for life when I was almost bucked off on a speed bump, so I probably wouldn't do it if I had young kids.
  12. I was 3 when I first sat on my bike, my godfather took me for a run around the block on the tank of his big ass Kwaka, he was smoking at the same too. The '70's were cool. I wasn't ATGATT but I was wearing blue cordouroys and a bitching Mr. Men t-shirt (there's a photo somewhere).
  13. Maybe she was his midget girlfriend,some blokes love midgets.
    They dont need you patronising them.
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  14. When I was younger (forgot what age) and my aunty took us on her newly acquired scooter...myself, my 2 cousins and aunty all at once. Only went around the block, but it was entertainment. No one got hurt in the process.

    I always wondered what would happen if I strap my nephews car seat to my ventura rack (facing forward), strap a teddy bear or something to it and ride it during peak traffic. Had to take the baby seat to my sister's at one stage, but due to rain I had to take the car and never had the chance to do it again :(.

    Regarding the OP question...I probably would once they are legally old enough to come for a ride.
  15. Yep, but I taught my son how to be a pillion first. I started him when he was five, then they changed the rules and I wasn't supposed to do it anymore. All because some bleeding heart saw a kid on a bike and wrote a letter.

    One fucking letter. No studies, no statistics, no analysis....just a fucking letter. Law changed.
  16. As long as the kid was over 8yrs of age, who cares?

    It's probably very difficult to make a child pillion wear ATGATT...

    I've never pillioned, but when i was a kid i used to ride peewee 50's heaps with nothing other than a helmet and shoes (plus, compulsary pants and shirt lol)
  17. ehh i remember flying up spit hill bends on the back of my dads ducati 748 back before they wacked a million speed cameras on it. And i burnt my leg on the muffler getting off too. I was still keen enough on bikes to get one of my own when i was ready.

    But yeah, soon i bet you wont even be allowed to go near a bike unless your 18 and its got plain packaging on it. Just a nice olive brown with honda in black font.

    ****ing nanny state. EAD.
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  18. Kids riding pillion should be wearing full gear.
  19. ...yes dear.
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  20. At the rate kids grow, i doubt anyone could afford to