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Child Molesterer let free - WTF!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V2, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. I can not believe this crap! I did not catch the whole story, but apparently this pedophile is so notorious that they are saying it is impossible for him to get a fair trial and so he has been let free from his latest conviction! Does that mean he can go ahead and **** kids knowing he can never go to court because they cant find a jury who does not hate his guts and he'll never get a fair trial!

    Then this - please dont go and pick on the poor guy Courier Mail

    Sounds like we need to find a pedophile basher who is so notorious he cant go to trial for smacking some sense into this guy because he also would not get a fair trial.

    I think they are setting a horrific precedence here!

  2. I wonder if Anna Bligh has kids - if so then they should put the guy in a house next to hers and see if she still has the same opinion. Or perhaps let them stay in a spare room at the Judges house.

    Sometimes the legal system can just be plain f*&ked up. There was a peado case here were the guy was let off on a suspended sentence even though HE pleaded to be locked up because otherwise he would re-offend. He even volunteered for chemical castration which was being suggested at the time in the media but was refused because that "would have violated his human rights" :roll:. Sure enough he was arrested not much later after being caught stealing kids clothes from a Primary School just a few blocks from where he was living.
  3. Only one solution to these bastards...

    Rule .303
  4. There's a bit more to the story than that - apparently the specific case for which he was on trial at the moment was fairly weak. It had already fallen over once last year when the prosecution withdrew one charge, and they were trying to bring in a whole new jury and try him again. Given the publicity from last year, the judge felt it would be impossible to find a jury unbiased enough on this particular case to try it properly. In the light of both that and the weak evidence he ruled that the case should not proceed.

    I have zero sympathy for pedophiles - my wife was a victim of one and we've both been living with the consequences throughout our life together. I *know* first hand what damage they cause. I think our laws need to be much better at protecting kids, and this guy in particular has a long history of re-offending and should be seriously looked at under the new 'lifetim imprisonment or chemical castration and close supervision' provisions.

    But having said all that, his rights are our rights. We can't throw away the right to trial by an impartial jury of peers for the people we hate, because when they come for us we need those rights in place. We need to find legal ways to stop these bastards, not create illegal ones - and if the laws are not working, fix them, don't break them.
  5. FFS!!!

    Man this guy should not be aloud the see the light of day after the sh*t he did! Seriously! He is one messed up individual! and he wants people to feel remourse for him so he can get a so called "FAIR" trial?

    The system does NOT work! It is pathetic that he was let free!
  6. the case was ridiculously weak.

    a 5 yr old can be convinced of anything. Too easy to stitch him up for every one of these types of crimes.
    No doubt he deserves to rot in Jail, but the potential for stitching him up is a dangerous precedent in its own right.
  7. Or it's amendment, rule 5.56...
  8. The whole "unable to get a fair trial" thing is what bothers me. There is already talk of the butcher doctor they are extraditing back from the USA will also not get a fair trial because "everyone" on Australia knows about him so where do you find 12 impartial jurors!
  9. Not to mention...

    Im facing a minimum 4 month inprisonment for f*cking traffic offences and this guy gets let free after being charged with pedophilia and fkn ****!

    Where the f*cks the justice in that!!! :evil:
  10. Actually (respectfully) thats crap. Properly questioned (by a trained person) a 5 yo can be a good witness.
    Young (very young) kids don't embroider or add bits like an adult would.
    They just tell it as it happened.
    The court also has the ability with children to examine them without a jury present and form a view as to the childs capacity to give evidence.
  11. The state Attorney General is expected to appeal ASAP.
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  13. If I remember correctly - this guy is a repeat offender. He was relocated to Murgon (3.5 hours from Bris) then run out of town. Then he was run out of a suburb in Ipswich when people kept attacking his house because the media put his house on the news and in the papers (Not to mention it's probably costing us taxpayers more than the court case should because they needed extra security for him). It makes sense that he wouldn't get a fair trial in a "think of the children" scenario. He isn't entirely free - every move is monitored.
  14. These blokes have a sickness, and should be isolated from the community.It is apparently still illegal to shoot them in the streets.
  15. I'll meet you halfway and go with 7.62NATO.

  16. Nuff said :evil:

  17. You have all put forward a magnificent argument for why he can’t get a fair trial.
    If you want to blame someone don’t blame the legal system, blame the media
  18. Blame the criminal.
  19. For the (alleged) crime yes. But for the fact that a fair trial can’t be held…that is a whole different story
  20. Again, it looks clear that this guy is likely guilty of this particular crime, based on his past actions, and also that he is a strong risk to re-offend. But we take away his right to a fair trial at our own peril. There *are* such things as vexatious accusations of child molestation, and if it ever happens to me I damn well want the claims to be tested in a fair trial before a non-prejudiced jury of my peers.
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