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child-abuse video rated MA15+

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sooty, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. It has to happen. It's for our own good.
  2. This is just a mockery of what the law is supposed to be for.
  3. It's amazing how we seem to have a generation who don't understand the internet, governing and policing it.
  4. TBH I dont think anyone really knows how to deal with the complex issues that have come up as a result of the internet and similar instant sharing of information (copyright behind amount the forefront of problems).

    That said..
    ..qld pol need to lay off the drugs! WTF!!!!
  5. Just like if you see a murder happen you can also go to gaol for x amount of years. didnt you know?
  6. I've viewed the clip.

    Come and get me coppers!!
  7. Millions of Australians watch child abuse videos every Saturday night on "Australia's Funniest (??) Home Videos"....
  8. It's not just the Internet though, the same clip has been on Australian and US television.
  9. Whoever is prosecuting on this case has lost touch with reality. The intent of the law was to prevent violence against children and the spread of child p0rn. This guy has done neither - close the doors and let him get on with his life.
  10. Ultimately I dont think these people care about morals, they are feeding the "justice industry" (irony or what). This guy will be robbed blind of cash trying to defend himself.
  11. I just dropped an email to "getup.org" with a link to the article in the hope that they can set up some online petition to prevent further injustice to this bloke.

    Are there any other avenues which can be pursued? I reckon if someone was to set up a petition which was easy to fill out and accessible with a single link, it would spread around australia like wildfire because only one group of people think this case is justified (the prosecutors...).

    Just found this:

    They have links to newspaper email addresses here - I've rattled off a few emails to the various papers.


    I have also dropped emails to TT and ACA - as much as I hate the great satans they could make a bit of noise and bang a few pots to get the riff raff riled up.
  12. TT and ACA.....strange, strange bedfellows....
  13. Idiots.
    I knew Queensland Police were stupid but!

    I suspect the case will very quietly be withdrawn.
  14. That is what is weird. This story has been around for ages...

    Its been in the papers before, months ago, and i think the clip was even shown on tv. I think this latest report was printed after the classification bureau came back with their rating.
  15. I know - I feel dirty just thinking about it...

  16. Slightly off the original topic: as an ex-pat, one thing I hate about Australian film classification is that free-to-air channels like SBS cannot show R18 films and have to cut them, either to MA15 or AV15.

    For example, Haneke's The Piano Teacher is a modern classic of European cinema, showing on SBS in a week or two, but the rating they give is MA15, so expect lots of cuts, even though it will be shown around midnight. The split screen shot showing several different p0rn films simultaneously will certainly be cut. :roll:
  17. Hang on, I think I've seen that? That bit's in a venus shop booth and she's smelling tissues?
  18. Yeah, that's the one. Used tissues.
  19. 'child abuse video' is a bit strong too - the guy was playing with the baby, and the baby was laughing and smiling at the end of it. The guy did not realise that he was doing things that could harm the child, and his intention was to play, not to hurt. My nephew and niece dislocated my daughter's elbow when she was a toddler, swinging her between them. It wasn't abuse in that case, and it wasn't abuse in this case. The appropriate response is to educate the guy to play more responsibly, not to censor the video!