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Chicks Rule!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ragdoll, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone this is my first post and just thought I'd say hi!
    I ride a VTR 250 which is my hubbies ex motorbike (xxsteve's):roll:. Haven't been brave enough to go on a formal ride yet - still sticking to local roads.
    Went on one ride with hubbie & Julie(R1_lover) to Belgrave in peak traffic for a quiet ride and coffee or say HE said and only just managed to stay on the bike in the traffic with a lot of rocking and rolling. I have improved since then but that scared the shiiters out of me.
    Anyway practice makes perfect! Hope to catch up and meet some of you whom I haven't soon!

    Coralee :D
  2. get stuck into it. Your confidence will rise exponentially.
  3. Heh Coralee you oughtta go out on a special "back blocks wobblers" tour with my lass Chengaleng!

    Good onya, keep at it!
  4. welcome to the forum......

    and as Rob Schneider says "you can do it".......



  5. Hi Coralee and welcome. :)

    Hope to see you on a ride soon.

    :D :D
  6. Hey I said I had improved since then the only wobbling done so much now is from my bum!
    No seriously I probably do need another greeny to ride with so I don't look so bad by myself.
  7. Hehe, welcome to the forums Coralee. VTR250 are a nice bike to ride :) And yeah, chicks do rule!!
  8. welcome
  9. Welcome - Coralee

    Get out and ride as much as possible, the good weather is getting nearer, once ya confidence is up, tell Steve to get a new bike and you can pinch his Blackbird :p

    either that or turbocharge the VT250, add nitrous and give him a run for his money...............

    Another thought, buy yourself a Hayabusa
    ( japanese for Peregrine falcon )
    They hunt Blackbirds in the wild :D
  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm bum :D
  11. Welcome Coralee!
  12. Don't put ideas into her head :evil: , I am safe at this stage because she won't even sit on the bird. Also, haven't they stopped making the hunting birds? because they just couldn't catch the black ones :LOL: :LOL:
  13. G'day Ragdoll..
  14. Hi! (again) :)

    Going to have to behave yourself now Steve :) :p
  15. Hey Coralee

    Bout time you got your but in here even if it does wobble..lol....just kidding :wink:

    I enjoyed the ride we had that day it was good and you were great out there

    You will get better each time without a doubt :)

    See you out there soon ok :D
  16. Hey there coralee, welcome to the forums. Shouldnt be to long now until steve lets you have a spin on the bird !! :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Hi Coralee,

    Welcome to the madhouse!
  18. :)

    I second that, Chicks do Rule!!! 8)
  19. Welcome to the madness Coralee!

    Safe Riding!