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Chicks on bikes and Harleys

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by pat65, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. #1 pat65, Dec 12, 2006
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    Not sure if its been posted before, sorry if it has.

    If you are offended by vulgar language dont view.
    If you are a Harley owner please view and be offended. :grin:


  2. I smell shanigans!

    "I love yo.....!"

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  5. That hi-jack didn't take long :roll:
  6. Faster than a Muslim fundi with a nail-file, eh?

    Milfhunter = paid actors & setups.
    [edit] - cool vids, Go Team.
    The 2nd one is new to me.
  7. #7 Black Magic, Dec 12, 2006
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    This cracked me up- coming from a very personal point of view! :LOL:
  8. #8 say_wat, Dec 13, 2006
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    You're a p0rn star?
  9. oh no, how could they put that on the net. she told me she was a harley girl!!!!
  10. How fast can you ride in a baseball cap?
    Waste of time having a sporty.
  11. yeah...good on ya mate.

    what sort of bike should i have then? name me a better mid size cruiser for everyday, all year riding, often in heavy traffic?

    then again, judging by your comment, you're probably just a "sunday rider", or "fair weather rider". which there is nothing wrong with at all until you sh*tcan other people rides.

    I've had a few bikes, I love sports bikes, and If i could i'd probably buy another 2 bikes before i'd buy a car, so to me, having my sporty is not a waste of time.

    i think jumping on netrider and canning other peoples rides is a
  12. RainMann, RainMann, RainMann we have replied to each other's post before, but I'm affraid this time you have missed the mark :? The "sporty" reference was to the R6 or whatever the other dude was riding. Not even sure if the other was a Harley but you should know :oops:
    My thinking was that the other rider is a poser ( I know the clip is made up but anyway) because he's strutting around wearing a baseball cap, hense my original question. :!:

    For your info I ride EVERY day. I was NOT shit canning anyones ride just the poser on the sports bike but its only my oppinion.

    Got it?

    Get your key engraved :) Cheers.
  13. ****note on above comments, not to be taken too seriously! we all take the same risks, and use the same road. The RF900 is probably one of my favourite sportsbikes
  14. yeah fair enough mate, didnt mean the sunday rider thing.

    i guess im just grumpy cos i got up at 4:30am for the dawn service and then couldnt find my mates until it was finished and the sun came up
  15. Thats cool mate.
    Good effort on getting up that early. I feel lazy now.
  16. nah ya didnt miss much, except for about 200 harleys and maybe 100 sportsbikes. the diggers march is always good