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Chicks Fighting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Danish, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. Isn't that those two legal secretaries from Sydney? :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Yuck. Fat ****s filming chiks fighting yay - are we gonna let gay pron on here next ? Same crowd woiuld be interested i am tipping....

    All say yay! and wave your hands in the air, if your a fcukwit....
  3. the new skank fight 2006.
  4. Just not the same without the jelly
  5. Angry moles, if I wanted to see that I would have said something derogatory to my girlfriend :roll:

    Bumfights is better
  6. Not cool- that is NOT the type of content that should be on this (or any serious forum), for real... um...where were the bikes?

    Sorry to be a killjoy, but that was on the same level as bumfights etc..
  7. Yeh, same level as Bumfights :LOL:

    Hey, dont know if youve seen bumfights, but uno the guys whos
    pretends to be Steve Erwin & ties up those homeless people etc.,
    well he got sent to jail bc of it.

    Idiot.. :LOL:

  8. HAHA that was gold!! I was in stitches.
  9. Yeh..

    Hey, if u havent got a copy, I can burn one for ya & mail it to whereeva
  10. Cool, I think i've got bum fights on VCD somewhere, probably not the whole series and it's in very bad quality, i'll have to check it out again. Got the whole lot of Jackass, but bit sick of that now.
  11. Yeh I got Movie Version of jackass & lotta their MTV shows
    I d/loaded as well

    Havent watched it either for ages. Once youve watched it a
    few times, it not the same..
  12. Yeah, I'd put it on the same brain level as Jackass... pretty stupid, esp if you get some enjoyment value out of watching any of this crap...
  13. Oh my God.... I fight like a girl....
  14. U watch UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at all?

    Tend to watch alot of those fights (no rules) in the octagon ring