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Chicken Strips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by IronHorse, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Hello.

    I did a search but unfortunatly i couldn't find the result i was after.

    What are Chicken Strips?

    Thanks :cool:

  2. Chicken Strips are the new promotion from KFC, they come with chips and a free drink.

    No, seriously, chicken strips are the bands of unworn tyre right up next to the sidewall; the broader the band, the bigger chicken you are.....
  3. "....so, are you chicken??"
  4. :rofl: FFS paul :rofl:
  5. Mate if you need to see some great ones, give me a ring I'll bring my bike over

  6. +1 :LOL:
  7. If I wanted to get rid of my chicken strips I'd have to get out the sand paper... I ride like my Nan drives... :( Maybe one day tho :)
  8. Whats your number? :p
  9. Note that the chicken strips measure doesn't really take into account your technique. Plenty of riders have little chicken strips but sit upright or take bad lines through corners.
  10. Pah, that's just what guys with big chicken strips say to justify their chickenness :p
  11. Chicken strip size also depends on the shape/width/pressure/profile height
    of your tyre, the suspension settings and balance of your bike,
    your riding technique, and more.

    So two people on two different bikes can go around a corner at the same
    speed and end up with different width chicken strips.

    Two people on the same bikes can corner at the same speed/rate and
    end up with different width chicken strips.

    So don't sweat it.

  12. Pah, that's just what guys with F'KN HUUUUUGE chicken strips say to justify their chickenness :p

    hey ausjc :grin:
  13. <post removed>
  14. Also bear in mind that you need to be riding on roads with corners that give you the opportunity to get over far enough to wear out your chicken strips. You're unlikely to be tipping your bike all the way over around town.
  15. Nah on boring straight roads you just use the "traffic modulating lines" :LOL: those dashes down the center of the road, just try and sweap back and forth and not touch the paint at 110
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  17. I don't own a Motorbike, i just see the term used widely in this forum.
  18. Chicken strips are usually served with a cold can of harden the fcuk up :LOL:
  19. :butt: