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Chicken strips

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Realist Rider, May 10, 2016.

  1. You're going to love this one.

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  2. Can't get rid of chicken strips. Makes a video justifying it. Should just use a belt sander like everyone else.
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  3. Lolllllllll
  4. ?
    what didnt you find it most informative?
  5. Ohh extremely, I now know what chicken strips are and how to get rid of them and what pompous vloggers that have tickets on themselves look like.

    I also know that this particular vlogger is exactly what he says to his subscibers as a sign off.
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  6. nice bloke is he?
  7. Seems like it, I wish all these people on facebook would stop pissing him off
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  8. I wish he'd just stop!
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  9. I lasted all of 2m25sec... Sorry.

    Weak message, poor video quality, awful sound, dull riding footage.
    I'm not a hater by nature (most of the time), but hated this post.
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  10. What did I just waste 4minutes of my life on?
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  11. I wish I didn't watch that.

    There ae chicken strips, and then there are chicken strips... I've see a few "exotic" sports bike photo's on this site recently with over 1 inch of chicken strip. That's fine and all, but you will cop some flack for it for good reason. Making up excuses for it is not helping your cause.

    Bring back RRdevilRRdevil and his chicken strip thread!!!
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  12. Did he intentionally turn in really slowly or something to exaggerate his lean angle on that last corner. Something about it looked very wrong. fcuk I'm glad I never have to suffer people like him irl.
  13. Ahhh......no. Just nope.

    I'm going to call out the OP for assuming chicken strips can't be used for anything useful.

    They can, and are used as a means of a rider seeing how much the tyre they've utilised. Sure, you don't lean over to get rid of the strips, you lean over to get round the corner however fast you're going. But you can then look at the strips to see how close to the edge of the tyre you were. NEwbies can confidently lean over further and further checking their strips at the end of each ride to see their progress.

    Finally, you don't need to be riding like a dick to remove chicken strips.
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  14. The comparison between front and back tyre can tell you a bit about your cornering behavior too.
  15. Damn, just put new tyres on my bike and have to get rid of the Chicken Strips all over again. Bring on another track day.
  16. Looks like the hipster in a VW Polo that cut me off on the Story Bridge last year. I haven't forgotten.

    If anyone wants to get rid of the chicken strips on my biscuit thin stock IRC Road Winners (rah rah rah!), give me a $6000 cash deposit and go for it.

    See You Next Tuesday indeed.
  17. Yep and bike set up, geometry, etc. Different bikes can have different wear patterns with the same rider/riding style.
  18. My last chicken strips
    2015-04-06 13.11.31b.
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  19. I last about five seconds. Once I saw the emblem I realised it was the crap vlogger who posted his first video here a while back. Pass.