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Chicken Strips

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by minglis, May 10, 2011.

  1. Out the front of where I work, there is a bike that is parked there most days. I have no idea what the bike is, being that there are no badges of any kind on it, but, it's a sports bike that appears to be a decent size (maybe 1ltr or so). Anyway, I was walking past it and noticed the chicken strips. I thought they were remarkable, so figured I'd share (I apologise if these belong to you.... but if they do, it might be worth turning the occasional corner, if only to wear your tires evenly.)


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  2. a guy at my work has 2 bikes..... one for twisties and one for work

    needless to say his work bike looks flattop a square even lol
  3. surely you'd take a sports bike like this out for a decent ride every now and then tho. If for no other reason than to remove strips like that.
  4. Looks like my gs500 tires. 10000km to and from work with 3 trips up the mountains. I think my trip to work only has 3 decent corners. Actually mine rear tyre is worse, it is starting to look like it come of a car.
  5. The tyre looks pretty new or maybe he power wheelies to and from work?
  6. Should have taken a pic of the bike as well. And yeah they are some big chook straps. Then again he could have just put the rubber on.
    Mmm pick that bike
  7. I'll take a full pic. I was a bit worried about doing that, as it might belong to someone on here. Didn't want to offend anyone.

    maybe they are new tires. There may be a good reason for these, but, I just thought they were impressive (in the riders restraint if nothing else).
  8. Im amazed someone can stay that vertical.
  9. Tyre looks relatively new
  10. It's an R1.
  11. wow, you can pick that just from the back wheel?? Great effort.
  12. If you look at the swing arm it has dirty rain spots. None on the rim. He has race stand bolts so he must be fast lol
    04 R1 ????
  13. Tyre does look pretty new and given the time of year....

    Also - this thread is useless without pics of your tyres :)
  14. Judging from his Username i would say he owns one so it would be very noticeable to him if it was an R1 i guess :p
  15. If it is a new tyre, and he has no roundabouts on his way to work, it is fairly understandable that he would have such big chicken strips. Just one example of a way of looking at it.
  16. I'll take some for you.

    As I said, I'm sure there's a good reason, but, it was just a surprise. I was looking at this nice sports bike, then as I get up to it, I see this. Didn't think about the new tyres. I see it most days, so, I'll see how it goes.
  17. No real need - Only said that because a lot of the time those that point out other peoples chicken strips have them themselves.
  18. waste of the pures me thinks
  19. yeah, I do have them. Maybe about 1cm or so... maybe a bit less, not sure. I've been riding about 5 months. It was not so much the strip, but that there was one like that on a bike like that. Seems more out of place. As stated tho, might just be a new tyre and no chance to scrub it in yet.
  20. Different tyre will generate different strips too. Getting a Bridgestone 015 right over is not in the same league as getting a Corsa or PP right over