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Chickbabe's father inlaw has a serious accident UPDATE

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Well today we went to see the old boy, and he seems to be in good spirits For what has happened, He has broken ribs, an arm in plaster, alot of skin off. They took him off the oxygen this morning and all pain relief. ( I think, he might be thinking that if he doesn't take them he will get home earlier. lol)
    Where the accident happened it was on a railway crossing which was over a crest , as he came over it he tried to avoid the bike that was stopped at the crossing and a car stopped on the other side, but didn't quite make it. He doesn't remember alot about it. Which is good in some ways.

    I was a little shock up seeing him like this and it does send doubts through your mind. We are hoping that he does get back out there because he was enjoying it so much. Dad will make a full recovery with time to heal, if mum can keep him sane and herself sane :LOL: .
    I'll keep you update on his progress

    Cheers Lou

  2. best wishes for the old boy,
    and you too lou :)
  3. Sorry to hear

    All the best for a full and speedy recovery
  4. Best wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery and hope everyones sanity stays intact!! :grin:
  5. Wishing him and you all the best chickbabe :)

    I hope he's up and at'em again in no time. :)
  6. Best wishes to him and the family.

    Nice to learn that he was in good spirits too.

  7. All the best your father mate. hope he heals quickly.
  8. Sorry to hear Chickbabe, hope lots of healing happens quickly for all of you
  9. Bugger! Here's hoping for a quick recovery, and hopefully back on the bike.
  10. Hey Chickbabe, your FIL has my sympathy, tell him not to give up the painkillers too soon :wink:
    I hope he recovers well and is riding again soon
  11. Sorry to hear chickbabe. Hope all's well a.s.a.p for him.
  12. Sorry to hear about your fathers off

    All the best for a full and speedy recovery, and hope he gets back out there real soon.

    Cheers stewy
  13. I'm with Haggis. Tell him not to play the toughie and take the pain-killers!! :LOL:

    All the best, Lou.....
  14. Hello Chickbabe,

    Best wishes to you all,hope your FIL heals fast and there are no long lasting external or internal scars.
  15. Best wishes to your FIL, hope he recovers quickly.
  16. Hi Chickbabe,

    Very bad news indeed, get him to at least enjoy the morphein benefits at least! :LOL:
  17. Great to hear that he is on the mend after the crash... :grin:

    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery :grin:
  18. Hi Chickbabe, Sending out lots of get well quick vibes to your Dad in Law, and best wishes to you and your family.
  19. Sorry to hear, hope he heals well and fast.
  20. Tell him not to go off the pain killers to early!

    Really, it allows you to do more than just sit in bed and getting mobile sooner will actually speed up the healing process.

    All the best for your father's full recovery.