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Chickbabe upgrades Yippy!! new pic p/2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,
    Well I finally brought my upgrade. I test rode it a 12pm and rode it home at 2.30pm, I loved it that much :grin: :grin: :grin:

    1996 CBR600F
    rego until june
    Ventura Rack

    I'm the second owner and I got all history from day dot on the bike.

    Although I brought it from a dealer, the orginal owner works with one of our netriders, which is quite freaky!!! :grin: The low K's is from him having it in storage for quite a while.

    Havn't had a chance to ride it solo, except home from the dealer, been pillioning my daughter around all weekend :LOL:

    Well here she is:



    I'll keep you all posted on how I am going with it. But just had to spreed the word.

    Cheers Lou
  2. woo-hoo-Lou, what a peachy-looking bike. Congrats!
  3. Very nice bike, enjoy and hope you have lots of fun on it! :grin:
  4. lovely, comfy and bulletproof!
    nice one :)
  5. Goodonya Lou
  6. Great stuff.. Enjoy your new wheels.. :grin:
  7. Nice !. Now get out there and double those kilometers ! :p

  8. You should see this bike in the flesh. It looks brand new. The only thing that tells you it is not is the style of the fairing.

    A very good buy there Lou. :dance:
  9. good to see a new face to the honda club, congrats on the purchase lou
  10. Nice one and enjoy
  11. Good on ya Lou, congrats.
    Looks like a nice machine!
  12. [​IMG]

    Oi Lou, Pete will be pleased with that purchase :LOL:
    Same model as his.

    You will love it. Now stop reading & get out there & RIDE
  13. congratulations! i get off restrictions in 3 days :twisted: how much did you pay for it?
  14. Nice one chickbabe, enjoy the upgrade!

    & look at those pictures!!! Corrrr.

    -Take note, n00bs. That's how you make a "I have a new bike" thread.
  15. Very Nice Chicky :p :grin:

    Can't wait to join you :cool:
  16. Sure is purty .... :dance:
  17. Wow Lou, did not see that coming.:LOL: sarcasm..
  18. congrats mate, looks HAWT
  19. Ooo, she looks like fun!...the bike that is, not your daughter :p