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Chick wants a bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gpxkermit250, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Im helping a female friend of mine get back into riding and buy a bike. I asked her a few questions about what she does and doesnt want to post them here for all your opinions and ideas. Will give her a good head start for when she hit the Elizabeth Street blitz soon.


    "First things first, I would love a yellow bike ... not critical, but a nice to have"

    "I like the idea of a naked bike, I like the picture of the Virago cruiser, 2nd hand is OK"

    "I can spend up to $5000 on a 250cc and $1000 on gear - $6000 budget in total"

    "Primarily the bike will be for commuting to and from work, which is 30km each way, but would also like something a bit versatile that I can go for a ride on if I felt like it on a nice sunny day. Speed is not important, comfort is"
  2. Is there a yellow VTR250? Sounds perfect for her.

    Oh, and please, it's 'chick'. 'Chic' is a completely different word, pronounced 'sheek'. (It annoys me on one of the ads on this site, too.)
  3. Sweet (and thanks for the edit - I know I'm a pedantic old git!)
  4. +1 The VTR sounds perfect for her

    :LOL: Bravus ..ya 'old git' :p
  5. haha! no probs, if your adding valuable content, Im more than happy to wear a bit of grammar/spelling feedback : )

    Looks like the VTR is a good start. From a quick browse on Bike Sales and Bike Point, they look to be in the 5 to 6k range.
  6. If you are patient you might get a bargin like kazz, 05 vtr 18,000 ks excelent nick $4500 with 12 months redgo and full service history
  7. less $500-$1000 coz nobody posts what they really want on those ads
  8. with Lobby, neer pay asking price. HAGGLE!

    and yes, deff the yellow VTR. oooh so comfy, im on my third one :LOL:
    done about 35,000km on them in the past 7 months, absolutely love it.
    great in traffic, handles so well, filters easy, then in the hills... weeeoow. fun :grin:

    pay a bit less for the bike, plus yellow isnt that popular in the VTRs, and put some more money into gear. the best gear is never enough :)

  9. I'm guessing you meant "if you're" adding..... :LOL:.
  10. Hey it's not yellow - but she could get a yellow helmet :grin:
    I'm loving my Virago 250 it's 2005 model and I paid about $5k and then another 800 on safety gear. It's a great learners bike IMO and very comfortable for someone my height 5' 4". I saw another girl on Friday getting on her '96 virago with 'L' plates and had a nice chat what an easy bike to get confident riding on.
    I don't plan to own this bike much longer than a year, but I'm still glad I got it.
  11. She might want to consider private sale rather than a dealer.

    its unlikely that she can get a VTR for $5k

    Good luck anyway
  12. Thanks everyone for your great replies!! Stacks of stuff to think about.

    I will pass this onto my friend. Might even get her to post a few pics of whatever bike is chosen when the purchase happens. Hope it is the VTR or Virago. Either sounds great for her.

    cheers, Greg
  13. If she likes the Virago she should get a Virago - its perfect .
    I can't remember if a yellow version came out, but yellow is a girls color, and just because she's a girl doesn't mean she has to be a girl about it. Black is good, and black, and black rocks, and then there's black, but if she wont give in there's always the red one :roll:

    And make sure she remembers insurance - prolly $30ish a month minimum.
  14. All the 250 cruisers are fairly similar, get her to sit on a few and decide what is most comfortable, I had the Suzuki Intruder great little bike and comfortable.
  15. Actually I reckon v-rags are pretty rubbish. If she can get over not having a cruiser she'll do better on a vtr.
  16. or a DRZ-SM.
  17. I've got a yellow VTR, does that make it a chick bike haha?
  18. I know i'm a bit biased but get a naked Suzuki GS500, there were a few yellow one's around. More fun than a virago, although the VTR sounds alright...