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Chick Appeal

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Easyrollin, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. So what is it about bikes and their riders that the chicks find so appealing?

    Now I'm a bit new to the bike scene and I've had a few nice cars in my time but I've noticed that even a lowly 250 that makes the right noises will turn more chicks heads than ANY cool car that I've ever owned by a factor of about 10x (Ok, so I've never owned a Ferrari so can't comment on that angle…)

    So just what is going on here?

    Is it the thought of the intelligent yet rugged individual that's riding it?
    Is it the laughing in the face of danger and risk taking?
    Is it envy?
    Is it the leather?


  2. Its the appeal of the bike. The girls love em and they see you as cool for having the bike.

    Maybe we can have some of our female members here give us some of there thoughts.. :LOL:
  3. Asked the missus the same question when I copped looks everywhere (granted they don't know what I look like under the helmet)

  4. Nah, it's the idea of a big, vibrating machine between their legs... :wink:
  5. And they know their parents would disapprove.
  6. Nah its cos they all know that I ride a motorbike and everytime they see one, theyre hoping and praying it is actually me........ :LOL:
  7. Is it the thought of the intelligent yet rugged individual that's riding it?

    Trust me when I say that we usually think ALL guys are UNintelligent, and are pleasantly suprised if that's not the case, so you can wipe that one ;):p:LOL:

    Is it the laughing in the face of danger and risk taking?

    That depends entirely on how you ride. If you're just going along as normal, then sure, it's slightly appealing. If you're speeding along like an idiot, causing danger to other road users, playing 'look at me, look at me, everyone'll think I've got a big d!ck if I do monos and other such idiotic things on the road' then we're just laughing at your stupidity, period.

    Is it envy?

    Seeing as I ride..no. Ask me again when I don't have a bike to ride in a couple of months :p

    Is it the leather?

    As yian has quoted...hell yes :grin:

    **these are my views only, other chicks can confirm or deny either way :p
  8. Have you considered that you're simply just a handsome fella?

    You need a randomised controlled trial.

    Gather 2 blokes with the same gear on the same bike, with one being marginally more pretty than the other. Calculate the amount of head-turning females per city block and submit your findings to the MRAA.
  9. I think that sums it up nicely :grin:

    Boys in leather.... hmmmmmm :p
  10. It's because thet CAN'T see what's under the helmet! :LOL:
  11. ^^ Exactly! I still wonder to this day if the missus has a problem with her eyesight?? :LOL: Meh, not gunna complain.
  12. Girls, your arguments are flawed.......

    Boys in leather??

  13. Always found the opposite. Girls have been far more interested in the falcons and commodores ive owned. The bike almost seems invisble, i dont mind that though.
  14. Oh BamBam... where can I get me one!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  15. i like the 2 advantages of not being seen under the helmet and if the pipes are loud enough what ever stupid comes out of your mouth will be drowned out :grin:
    having said that mabey i need to change bikes not had much luck for a while :cry:
    could it be the flames?
  16. IT's all about the bike :LOL:
    "I want to be on the back of it" or "I want one!"
    Sports leathers look good too :wink:
  17. I rode to the shops recently on some motobike gear i just bought from local various local dealerships. I had on AGV Airtech helmet, my carbon knuckled gloves :LOL: and my rizla suzuki T-shirt.

    Everyone was starting!! but i dont know whether thats cause i looked stupid on a bicycle or whther it was cause of being sexy. I will have to do more rides and report my findings.

  18. To me i think its the whole kind of stereotype attached to bikers...
    Theyre meant to be the bad boys that you DONT take to meet your mum, naughty, rough and go fast...

    Plus no matter how how many cc's the bike is, (most) bikers look hot...
    Then there are those that should keep their helmets on :shock: :LOL:

    Also i think that because we are a minority, its much more exciting seeing a biker than the back of 50,000 "other" cars on the road on your way to work...
    Plus just remember when you were a kid and you saw a bike at the lights when you were strapped into the back seat... you waved like a lunatic hoping that the "cool" biker would wave back... and when he/she did, you felt spesh.... I always have kids waving to me or yelling "do a wheelie" across the street - then when you wave back or pop a mono (which i might add i cant do just yet) they turn to their mate and say "oh man did you see that - how cool"

    Leather... Hmmm well im neither here nor there on that one...

    Before i started riding, i loved looking at the whole package but now, i just gork at the bike (ok ok maybe the occassional rider hehe :p)

  19. Best not to ask questions and just go with the flow :p
  20. do you really want to know?

    cos all girls secretly want to own their own bike so when they see one they oggle the bolts out of it!
    sorry fellas... its really not you they are interested in.