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Chevrolet badges on holdens....?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. can someone please explain why various holden ute & car owners go out and put a chevy badge on their australian vehicle?

    is holden not good enough?
    does it make it go faster?
    are they really ashamed bogans and this makes up for it?
    can they point me in the direction of the nearest chevy dealer?

    any answers out there people?
    I am mystified....lol

  2. Judging from vehicles livery down in the sutherland shire, apparently it makes you more Australian.
  3. Because every one of them thinks that they are being original.
  4. it adds 50KW at the wheels I hear...
  5. i have seen a vl commodore with a nissan gtr badge i sh1t u not
  6. I never worked out why. Maybe because the engines and gearboxes are mostly taken from a Chev/GM parts bin.

    Best I've seen was Chev and HSV badges on an SV6 (VY?).
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    [URL="[/media]]This [/URL]explains it all EK :)

    Sorry fixed the link now.
  8. double check that link mate.
  9. Why do people wear jewellery?

    Its form over function.
  10. As far as I'm aware it was for pose factor on the V8 models with the imported Chevy engine. (Don't ask me why). However I think it's simply now become an ID badge to show you're a tosser.
  11. just to make em a little bit different to the rest of the hoardes of commonwhores...

    and i believe VL commodores used to have a nissan GTR engine in them so that might explain the badge you saw... still pretty wanky tho...
  12. they had the skyline motor but never a gtr motor
  13. I dont understand it either, it isnt even the exact same engine as in the chevs. The ones i see with this probably wouldnt care if i pointed this out to them though

    as for the vl with nissan, ironcannibal is on the money the vl had an rb30
  14. I think its the male version of those bloody frangapani stickers headcase females have on their windows.
  15. ah ok, i thought it had the gtr and thats why bogans love them so much, they were turbo tho werent they?

  16. this is correct

    even the Blacktown coppers got them
  17. The RB30t is the turbo motor in the holdens. The RB26tt is the mighty twin turbo donk in the Skylines.
  18. Really?
  19. Hmmm, might have to go and find some buick badges for my V6 commodore so I can be "cool" too.](*,)