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Cherry popped

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Beza, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Posting this for no other reason than it was my first breatho ever, and she was kinda hot.

  2. So, no issues with the helmet cam then?
  3. Nah, maybe she was camera shy
  4. opps driver of car in front had issues
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  5. Should have popped a celebratory wheelie.
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  6. I've had aquium hand cleaner give a high reading. The officer then put a tube into the breathalyser for me to blow in and it read 0 the second time.
    That's my story of the day.
  7. Personally, when I get pulled over for breath testing, I feel quite touched that the constabulary care enough to check that I'm still breathing.

    When they just wave me on past, I feel slightly miffed.
  8. She looks like she's dressed to go wakeboarding, maybe with the water police after work. Weird. But cute.
  9. got breath tested today for the first time on the bike - no problems at all - just a pain taking gloves off to get my license out - but they only pulled the two of us over and then stopped traffic to let us back into the flow - one copper was having a great conversation with hubby about his MT-01