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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Baiazid, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Last year I went to Chernobyl. Were 7 people and 4 bikes.

    I ride the CBR900RR (893cc - 1993).

    PS: Chernobyl wasn't the worst place. Transnistria was even worse (border with Ukraine). That place is a russian military zone for east Europe.

    PS: normal radiation level is about 0.180uS (we encountered values from 10times to 700times more radiation than normal)

    I will attach some pictures (they are resized and just a few from hundreds):













    Trip lasted about 6-7 days. Departure from Romanian capital city - Bucharest.
    Petrol prices in Ukraine are very very very cheap. Beer price the same. Food very good!
  2. Thanks.

    Great pics.

    Pripyat would be an amazing place to visit.

    The whole "ghost town" felling about it is wicked.
  3. Did you take your ghillie suit?
  4. fascinating ride, and pictures. can't help but feel sorry for the rider AND the poor cow :(

  5. They felt sorry for the cow as well, right up until the bbq.
  6. Quite a adventure ..and Great Pics

    :shock: is it wise to have been exposed to that :?
  7. Not trying to hijack the thread, but I read this website a while ago www.elenafilatova.com about a woman who rides her ZZR 1100 into the dead zone on a frequent basis.

    Fascinates me that people like the chick on this website, and yourselves dare to venture into such haunting territory. :beer:
  8. Well we had 2 measuring devices:

    1. Geiger counter: shows instantaneous values (those we read)
    2. Dosimeter: counted how many units of radiation we took there

    Actually the Dosimeter reading matters: equivalent of 3 XRAYS during 4 days.

    So: It's more than safe.

    If we would stay there more: big problem

  9. Well we had an adventure there.

    We were driving 200kmph (big roads Ukraine - police bribe for speeding was about 10 euros)

    That guy hit the back part of the cow with about 40-50kmph (breaking from 200).

    Bike FZR1000: telescopes broken
    COW: leg broken

    We had to buy the cow so that the owner drop charges (300$) and then sell it to a butcher with 200$. We all felt sorry about poor cow but it was in the wrong place: ran from some bushes in the middle of the road.

    I agree: speed was to high, but that is why we bought sport bikes
  10. Shame it's fake eh? :)
  11. Nobody knows that. Personally I don't care if its fake or not. Before making this trip we browsed all wikipedia and filatva website for useful information.
  12. Your trip is slightly suspect too.

    I know certain tour buses are allowed to go around there, the other website was a well documented fake. The tour bus operators did think it was funny that a girl wore a jacket and carried her helmet while being guided around.

    I'll be convinced when you can post up a pic of you and your bikes in front of a landmark there. :grin: Surely you took one of those!

    I could be wrong, of course!
  13. More of a shame that the UN thinks so. I suppose it's an argument between massive loss of life and environmental destruction vs. political power and the belief that nuclear power is the future. I'm sure there are very few people who would dare to question the billions of dollars of future revenue that nuclear power provides, and even less that would dare dispute it. Not dissimilar to the current status of the oil industry. We know that there are alternatives, but convincing the masses is a balance between economical status and political persuasion. I for one would love to visit Ukraine for myself and see it first hand before making a conclusion.
  14. What on earth are you on about?

    Jesus, this thread is attracting them.


  15. We left our bikes in Kiev. No one is allowed there. We had military escort in a minivan. They drove us from Kiev to Chernobyl (80km). We had to pass 3 security zones (paperwork, passport recheck.. etc).

    Never said I drove my bike into the dead zone. It's forbidden.

    We have 2 MiniDV tapes with our trip and tons of pictures.

    The company authorised to make this trips from Kiev to Chernobyl and Pripyat is:
  16. I once was doing a search on Chernobyl and found a link to Kid of Speed which was an earlier link to this same girl. Fake or not fake the first story I read by her was really really sad and when acccompanied by the pictures I saw; very very haunting.

    This is the link and the story and pictures are just amazing:


    Seriously worth a look regardless of what has been said on here.
  17. Chernobyl is fake???? :LOL:
  18. No, apparently the Kid of Speeds' story is fake
  19. Apparently? It's a rather bald statement. Don't you think? Ukraine is very far away and from an office chair in Sydney, cocooned by all our laws, regulations and ethics; it is very easy to judge someone living their daily lives out there. Incidentally, I come from those parts. You can trust me, it is a different planet. From what I can gather, she's not fake at all.

    Her website also contains a few other recounts and stories with absolutely no relation to Chernobyl.
  20. Fake or not Kid of Speed may be, the ghost town photos are still pretty poignant and moving.