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Chernobyl rider (may have been posted before but amazing)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, May 27, 2005.

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  2. Think that one got discredited didn't it?

    She's got a wicked Kwaka tho *shock*
  3. Yes it has been done before and it was all bullshit. A good story but pure fiction.
  4. even if it is bogus, there where some realy good pics there (well when i was looking at it a few years ago it did)
  5. Yes,

    Its all a crock.

    but worth looking at anyway.
  6. wow. that site is REALLY interesting. wouldn't it be kinda hard to fake?
  7. It has never been proven to be a fake.
    I like the story either way.
  8. What makes you all think that it's fake????????? :shock:
  9. The story has been proven to be fake, the pictures slightly edited, with some extras added to it.

    She took a guided tour, didn't ride her bike through there. Edit some photos to remove other people there, place the doll in one of the shots.


  10. It says allegedly but this still has merit

    "Nevertheless, the actual value of Elena's story is neither her degree of personal involvement nor her narrative, but the photos themselves. While some of them could have been staged to a degree (one of the points of criticism), she obviously could not have staged the whole ghost town. While there are numerous accounts of the consequences of the catastrophe, Elena presented it to the world in a way never done before."
  11. What, like this? :D
  12. where are the pictures of glowing rabits??

    I was going to write a bit about my memorys regarding the charnobil event... but all I'll write for now... scary...
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  14. I think she did ride the zone (through her fathers contacts) on her bike but because she made it public it got certain people in trouble and made the Russians protecting the zone look stupid to authorities, so they came up with a way to discredit her story to make things proper and is why she edited the more serious bits out of it but kept the basis of it true.
  15. i was intrigued by her efforts a few years ago, and really awoke the reality of chernobyl, especially seeing tanker ships sitting idle in the bay, completely abandoned.
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  17. Turn the brightness up on your monitor.
    You can make out the baffle on the other one.
  18. Why do you think that ? Isn't this just as likely or as unlikely as anyone else here saying it's fake ?

    All we have got to go on is whats written ON THE INTERNET for crying out loud. I remember when this came out, it was a big thing, but I also remember that there were many reports discrditing it. APPARENTLY the author even came out later saying it was a "dramatisation" of what Chernobyl is like now.

    But who really knows for sure ?