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Chengaleng's (slightly) Bogus Journey

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Chengaleng had her first road ride last night, around the back blocks of Flemington on her new Suzy Across, freshly picked up from Pieter (NiMBuS of these very forums - thanks mate!)

    Storm clouds gathering in the distance we wobbled around the backstreets trying to avoid traffic. I could hear her shrieking with maniacal giggles every time she accidentally hit the horn button instead of the indicator canceller...

    It was a pretty good first crack, starting to build up a bit of confidence even as the lightning strikes drew closer. Then I encouraged her to follow me in a nice slow u-turn. She panicked a bit as a taxi was sitting on her tail, and poked the bike halfway up a driveway. Legs not quite long enough to get a good grip on the slightly wet ground, she toppled it trying to yank it backwards and up onto the road.

    No damage but a bit of a bruise, and the engine was flooded so we had to push it home. Got it back in the garage almost the very second the deluge struck.

    So perhaps an ignominous end to her first road ride, although the pride's not too badly dented and she's very keen to get back on for another crack. Might get her to wheel it around a bit more next time, help her get used to the weight - not to mention dropping a few clicks on the rear preload which should bring the ground up a bit closer!

    Nonetheless, it's with pride that I announce the newest member of the Netrider Extreme Lean Angle Squad - notable for getting her knee down on her first street ride, and doing it at 0km/h... She and her new ride are coming soon to a coffee night near YOU!


    ps. Oh, and she's "Nous" on these forums if anyone wants to pm her a message of encouragement for next time she logs in!
  2. she get pissed off bout dropping her bike or just happy?

    well tell her we all said happy riding and we hope she enjoys it as much as we do.
  3. Loz, it can be a long road ahead as my wife has dropped the VTR twice, but then thats part of learning, also at 0 km/h.
    Think it hurts thier pride more than anything, and if you did the silly thing like me and picked the bike up before her, you will never let it down.
    Glad there was no injuries.
  4. She musta been readin' the forums for too long and "get it over and done with" right away, but hey....5 mins into it could be a record. :D

    Cheng: DON'T listen to that hoon !! :LOL: :p
    (or did you wanna even the score on his last-weeks tumble?)
    Can't wait to see another fly-catching grin at one of those coffee-nights... :D
  5. Ummmmm, best I can tell, her attitude was pretty matter-of-fact. She's no less excited about getting out there again, but I guess the confidence has gotta be dented. I can however confirm that she was well and truly over pushing the thing uphill after about 100 metres!

    Heh nope I helped her up first... But mainly because I wanted to show her how to lift a toppled bike... Dunno if I got any brownie points there! But yeah I'm happy to hold her hand while she makes a nice slow start to this whole biking game. Hopefully as her skills develop she'll become a far more responsible and civil rider than I am!

    This thought did cross my mind Pete! I know how she must feel now, I'm getting all the mental pictures of her getting wiped out on buses and light poles... Narrrr she'll be right!
  6. Just a quick follow-up... Cheng sent me this email this afternoon:

    Heh heh good on 'er... Seems to be getting a good biking attitude together too!
  7. Hahahaah, go Cheng!!!
    We must get out for a ride soon :D