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Chengaleng's Across: steering head bearings done

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Just finished changing the steering head bearings on Cheng's Across and I thought I'd post a couple pics of the thing apart.

    I changed these bearings because the bike was "wandering" left and right of its own accord, a funny handling problem that wasn't fixed by loosening the steering head.

    I thought I'd have a crack at changing them myself, with the help of the OzCross maintenance website, a PDF of the workshop manual, and half a dozen phone calls to JohnnyO.

    So, fairings off, jack her up, wheel off, brakes off, forks out, clip-ons clipped off, steering head off, and headstem tube out with the bottom triple clamp. The bike was looking like this:


    The bearing races were a bastard to get out of the frame tube, but my Dad had the right sort of chisel and we finally got it. You can see the outer bottom bearing race sticking out very slightly from the bottom of the tube in this photo:

    New bearings went in with loads of grease, and I spent a few hours yesterday putting the bike back together. To my great surprise, nothing seems to have gone horribly wrong yet. The handling problems seem to be gone - although some more riding will tell for sure - and I don't think I've fcuked anything else up in the process.

    All up it took me around 9 hours or so, the most part of which was trying to work out how the fairings come off :oops: and trying to get the bearing races out of the frame and off the headstem. Quite a lot of time I guess but it saved us a few bucks and I learned a lot out of it.

    Big thanks to JohnnyO for being telephone support guy, and me Dad for being Tim the Tool Man when I ran out of ideas on getting those races out.

  2. Oh, and I now feel like a total mechanic master. For my next trick, I shall split the cases. Whatever that means. :grin:
  3. Well done Loz, Cheng will be happy to have it back on the road. Will we see you both at coffee tonight?
  4. Still unlikely I reckon until the weather warms up. But I'll try to get her down there!
  5. good work and a thumbs up for giving it a go yourself.
  6. Be sure to retighten the bearings after about 400-500kms. It's quite normal for the bearings to loosen up as everything settles in.

    Regards, Andrew.