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Chengaleng Down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. ...But not out.

    She lost the front and dropped her Across on the second roundabout after trying to pull a u-turn past the Todd Rd. servo and head back into town. There was a slick of crap in the middle of the lane very similar to the one I downed the Hornet on much earlier in the year.

    Luckily traffic stopped to help her lift it and get it out of harm's way, so points go to the drivers that came to her assistance.

    She's absolutely fine, no scratches, no bruises, thanks to draggins and motodry. The poor old Across lost front and back brake levers and an indicator and is now looking decidedly a bit worse for wear on the right hand fairing. I think we should name that bike "The Yo-yo."

    I brought her a new front lever, the only bit I could find at short notice, and she fitted it in good spirits and rode it back home again where it'll do some shed time til we get the other bits in.

    So yeah, she's shaken but fine. That's 4 stacks so far, here's hoping this one gets it out of her system!

  2. As everyone always says, bikes can be fixed, main thing is she's OK.

    All the best for a speedy recovery (bike that is :grin: )
  3. Good to hear she's OK Loz. :)
  4. Wow she must be learning soo much as mistakes are an opportunity to learn. Good to hear everyone/things is fine.
  5. Haha good point I'll pass that one on! Thanks guys. :)
  6. Got me worried with the title there Loz...good to hear that she's ok.
  7. Sorry to hear about her off Loz, great to hear no bruises or broken bones and the bike is on the mend too

    Pass on my best wishes :)
  8. Thats no good..At least she's ok..

    If ya need a hand puttin the bike back together drop me a line Loz
  9. Thanks guys, yeah cheers Deano, I reckon she'll want to do the repairs herself - she wrestles the spanners off me if I go to help her!

  10. Far Knell... not a-bloody-gain :shock: :shock: :roll:
    Good to hear she's ok though !!
    Between the 2 of you...trying to equal Hornet's number of posts??
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Now listen here you! :LOL:

    Nah this one didn't worry me too much, there was a mucky slick through the centre of the lane, similar to what I went down on in St. Kilda Road, and it was another very low speed tumble, so hopefully she'll take a lesson from it. I swear when she sells the bike though she'll be able to mail it to its new owner in postpak tubes!

  12. I dont blame her for doing that...I would too. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Thanks for the concern, guys. 'Steve' in a white 4WD (didn't even get his number to properly thank him) stopped alongside and helped me heave Little Suzie up to the side out of the way of truck traffic. Apparently he used to ride himself and finally quit the day a taxi cut into his lane three times and he lashed a boot out into its side.

    A little later on, another white 4WD lumbered up onto the traffic island and the driver offered to push Suzie up onto the island to further avoid traffic.

    And yet one more white 4WD pulled alongside afterwards to see if I was ok. I geve the thumbs up and he continued on his way.

    While the sight of white 4WDs will forever stir warm fuzzlies, I'm open to the idea that I was probably still in shock and for some reason all vehicles on the road seemed large, intimidating and colourless.

    The first car to come by, however, rolled down their window and yelled, "Yeah, good on ya, ya fcuken **** motorcyclist!" and smirked off.

    Many thanks and, indeed, future rewards tonight to my dear Lozzie fiancee for taking an hour off work to get parts from Peter Stevens, jet down to the roundabout and help me get back home :) *grumbles about the lack of love heart emoticons :) *

    Still bloody annoyed. I'm beginning to go through those, "maybe I should sell the damn thing" thoughts already. But I don't think I'm giving up just yet. There's a full Motorcycle license to acquire!

    Let's hope I remain confined to lower-speed stacks. Or even better, transcend to a state of stacklessness.
  14. sorry to hear about Chengs off but are you going to be nice and let her ride yours while hers is in the shed, after all she did let you borrow hers when you did your bearings.
  15. Hey Cheng, sorry to hear your off but glad to hear you're ok. Hope to see you back on the road soon :)
  16. Definately not silly thing to wonder but also a very good counter, can't throw in the towel just yet.

    Damn gravity thinks it owns the place....we'll show it!!!! :evil:
  17. Glad to read that the thread title wasn't serious, up and about soon, and keep up your confidence!
  18. Oh no Cheng :shock:

    Sorry to hear. Bummer I couldn't have helped ya out (I work around the corner from where the "unfortunate" happened....)

    Good to hear that you had some assistance from passers-by. It restores a bit of faith doesn't it? I know it did for me when I had my off a couple of weeks ago.....

    Glad to hear you're OK and it's not puttin off :grin:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. He's applied the Magna locks and swallowing the keys as we speak, I'll bet :)

    It's all down to experience. I should have kept my eyes open and alert for things like oil slicks in the first place, given the high truck traffic. Thank goodness it was still around 4pm, not too populated.

    The stack itself seemed to be done in a graceful arc of terror/fascination. Somewhere in the back of mind mind as it happened was, "Woah, this is my first stack above 0km/h. Cool!"

    Yes Chubz, where were you when this distressed damsel needed help most, you unreliable man, you :)
  20. Sorry Cheng :(

    By 4pm, I was at the Doc's sorting out my TAC stuff for my off the other week..... :grin:

    If I hadda been cruisin past, I woulda stopped to help (but not sure how much help I woulda been, being a stick figure of a chick 'n' all....keep getting told I won't be able to lift my bike up :roll: )

    :grin: :grin: :grin: