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Cheng got her full license yesterday!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, May 23, 2006.

  1. Chengaleng braved the elements down at HART yesterday to take her full license test in the cold and rain... And came up trumps! Woohoo!

    Now only 12 months to wait before she can get her first Hayabusa... :shock:

  2. Congratulations Cheng!!! That's wonderful news!!!!
  3. ...I should add, there was a bit of drama involved. She turned up for the course and ran into her old boss from a cafe in Puckle St that he ran into the ground and fled, hiding behind administrators and refusing to pay out his staff for their last two weeks of work. He's been completely uncontactable since the business went under.

    I think he was more shocked to see her than she was to see him - those in the know would understand how scary Cheng can be when provoked - but no fisticuffs resulted and she's now quite confident of getting her cash back.

    As sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives...
  4. well done cheng :applause: :applause:
  5. Go Cheng! Well done :)
  6. Well done to Cheng!

    Just wait till she gets her license with photo though... I took the test exactly one year ago (off my restrictions today) and it was in similar weather. The photo, taken after hours in the rain and cold with numb everything is an absolute shocker.

    Nice work with getting her pay back though...

  7. congrats cheng
  8. Congratulations, and well done confronting that weasel of an ex-boss!!!
  9. What an effort in that weather!
    Well done!
  10. Well done Cheng! \:D/ :dance: :beer:
  11. Well done Cheng :cool: ,now the real fun starts,from this :moped: to this :biker: look out Loz,12 months from now,she will really be giving you a run for your money :shock: ,and speaking of which,that sumovabeutch x boss :furious: will end up paying for the test expenses hopefully.After you rightiously chucking a wobbly at him :tantrum:
  12. congrats Cheng!!

    Loz - wash your mouth out!!! Surely this is a good reason to get matching Hornet 900's??
  13. Congrats Cheng 2 victories in one day! Go Girl!
  14. Congrats, indeed, on both counts....
  15. Congrats to Cheng, and lock up the 9 Loz, in case she's looking at getting in some big bike practice....
  16. Yeah for Cheng, that is great news.
  17. congrats sweetie
    now practice monoing loz bike
  18. Excellent news :grin: well done
  19. :roses: Thanks guys! Now I can do an upgrade on my current low-speed stacks too :D

    'Twas actually good to see the boss there. We got along well enough before the cafe catastrophe. Half of me was drunk on the power of cornering him. The other half just wanted to chill, enjoy the day of riding and just connect with him as a fellow rider. We might see him at Southbank or Highpoint coffee some night.

    The license test was easier than the Ls, so I was told and so I agree. The HART guys Ant and Veli gave excellent tips on better roadriding. Can't wait for the advanced riding courses.

    Can't wait to sneak Loz's hornbag out for private mono sessions :)
  20. nice... you two should come down to the spot again