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chemical health hazards

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Androo, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. I knew chemicals were bad.. but I didnt realise they were this bad :shock:


    the first two this article mention are petrol and carb cleaner, which I'll
    definitely have to be more careful around :?
  2. I think I'll just let my serviceman do all my work from now on!!!
  3. What's REALLY scary is that smokers expose themselves to these sorts of hazards and worse every time they light up.
  4. yeh but smokers have problems :LOL:
  5. What a load of crap , I mean cmon fellas, If smoking was as bad for people as made out
    surely the Gov't wouldn't leave them as legal to sell now would it, I mean there ther to look after us right :)
  6. yeh chemicals suck
    I had my eyes stuck together every morning thanks to chlorine for a week or so when I was 9. Lucky me
  7. eww..

    I used to swim a lot and occasionally I'd forget my goggles and my eyes
    would be yellow/sore by the time I got home :shock:
  8. was that chlorine or "other" pool additives???
  9. I really really hope it was chrlorine :shock:
  10. holy cow! there's some bad sh1t going on in my garage, I'll wear those surgical gloves from now one when I'm working. But NOONES gonna tell me not to sniff petrol :LOL:
  11. Love the smell of triclorethyline in the morning!

    Shit, now i have to give that up too.
  12. It's too late now, anyway!@!
  13. Was following a liquid osygen tanker the other car with white mist pissing out the back of it (I assume that is what it is supposed to do)??? Near Springvale and Whitehorse Rd - although I was trying to AVOID the truck right up till past Ringwood!

    If you were parked behind it you would have had your bonnet covered in the shit - was going to report it but spent more time avoiding the truck!
  14. yeah, so true. it must be safe because its legal :LOL: just like drinking :LOL: :LOL: luckily we've got a government that cares enuff to make the REALLY dangerous things (like going 3 kph over the limit) illegal for our own safety :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but on topic, thats a funny read. funny because we had petrol washers at school not 10 year ago :shock: and funny because of the amount of these things i come into contact with all the time.... ah screw it, if i didn't do anything that was bad for me, i'd be VERY bored....
  15. Yeah the cops would be all over you - they'd point hairdryer looking things at you to detect smoke on your breath, and hit you up for a fine.
    Then they'd come up with overhead cameras to book pedestrians en-mass, and start raking in the $$$
  16. Bad news, I'm afraid. Long term exposure to chlorine will cause eye irritation, but the stinging you get after a swim is caused by chloramine - the result of a reaction between chlorine and ammonia. And where does the ammonia come from? Mainly sweat, spit, mucus and urine.

    So, if your eyes hurt, don't complain to the management about the high level of chlorine. Complain about the excess of piss.

  17. You've just taken all the fun out of swimming mark . EEWWWWWWWW