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Chef the Nodder

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seedy, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So I have sent the nod graphic to Mouth as requested.

    The graphic was originally made as a pisstake for Chef, and I am loving the fact that if it goes ahead and is installed then Chef will technically be responsible for EVERY SINGLE NOD that takes place on Netrider from now on.

    Will you be ok mate? We may need a whip around to grab a few bottles of Wild Turkey to dull the pain.

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  2. *Chefs*

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  3. That's just cold!!!! why are you people so unkind? [-(

    I'll hold you to that. 101 is classified by the AMA as medicinal
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  4. Might have to start a nodding thread so everyone can get it out of their system.
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  5. Can we do another wheelie thread as well?
  6. And he's not far off.... 1000 nods ;)

  7. no fukkin way
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  8. Nod!!!
  9. Oh shit the Noderator's here.

    I regret NOTHING!!!!
  10. There's a noderator?
  11. Better get in quick before we get shut down.

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  12. Ever noticed how some people get a lot more nods than they give?

    I am pleased to see people like myself and that other noderator are a bit more generous with their nodding :D
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  13. i love the tags for this thread:p
    hey while mouth's at it....... can we get the flame button
  14. I'm a giver and a receiver. Gotta take it where you can get it. When there's nobody around to nod to I just grab a box of tissues and nod to myself.
  15. You worry me lol
  16. Oh no what have I created!
  17. God I fucking hate you people...
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  18. Nod ;)
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  19. We have done it now the button is gone
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  20. still showing for me
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