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Cheeky Cow

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. After my first two up ride with a mate of mine also a brand new learner on her ninja, was heading to the maccas in Laverton, Vic, end of Central Ave.

    Had to laugh when in heavy traffic (We werent lane splitting, not experienced enough yet) and with us line astern a cheeky little blonde bird in a big falcon ute decided she would try pushing past us to get to the roundabout a bit quicker.

    She didnt like it much when i gave her the finger and i just went around her and made the bike nice and wide by stopping on an angle in front of her.... made me happy tho. As soon as the traffic moved again we just pulled off right and into the maccas :D Pointless but these turds dont like us lane splitting, why should they?
  2. Oh both of us were dilligently sitting in the right of our lane as we were told to do last weekend i should add.
  3. My initial reaction when car drivers do this sort of thing to me is "what the hell are you doing..."
    But then I realize: "well I do it to cars all the time so why shouldn't they do it to me"
    Food for thought...
  4. Is this the first time this has happend to you????...I can remember 42 time's it has happend to me personally.....Don't sweat it mate
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  5. good to see more prac training is paying off :)
  6. My old man rode bikes most of his life. I DO NOT screw with bikes. Ever. I dont stop them filtering cos they are a hell of a lot smaller and go quicker. They arent hurting anyone. However when someones being patient and sitting in traffic that aint going anywhere with 2 bikes with clearly displayed L plates on em aint it just asking for trouble?

    Or am i just having trouble getting adjusted.... lol apologies in advance if im in the wrong...
  7. "Two-up" is generally used to describe 2 people on one motorcycle ;)
    When riding like this with a friend, try having the "leader" in the right wheel track and the "follower" in the left - if I'm following, I try to make sure I can see the leader's eyes in their left mirror...
    There are other benefits, but the relevant one here is that it makes the pair of you nice and wide in the lane, so cheeky cows won't be tempted to poke their snouts in.
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  8. Eventually you'll get used to the same stupid shit that so many people do and it'll be water off a duck's back. It has gotten to that stage with me. Once it gets to that stage with you it'll only be when you see someone do something really REALLY retarded and out of the ordinary that you'll really notice.
  9. Hehe sorry ill just wind my neck back in. And yes, i was leading, i have a bit more experience riding and shes not real confident on her wheels yet.

    Just had the urge to post something after going through all these near misses. How i forgot all of you guys will have been through it all before is beyond me....

    And good tip Nite, werent side by side at the time as we are more concerned about wobbling into each other and damaging our boodyful toys!! That will come with a bit more practice. (She might not have as much confidence riding but by god shes got a hell of a lot better balance than me)
  10. I wasn't very clear, so I'm glad you mentioned it: don't be side-by-side either!
    Follower should be about 2 seconds behind Leader, so in the same kinda position as she would be line-astern, except in the other track. This way, if traffic stops suddenly she has the gap beside the leader to brake into...
    It also gives both of you the entire lane to use, width-ways...
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  11. I think to clarify, i should say i need to lose the driving mentality :D One of my pet hates is sitting patiently in traffic (Kororoit Creek Road in Altona heading towards the freeway in peak hour is good for this) being no where near any turns and having tossers pull into the bike lane to try and get past because they cant be arsed with the traffic. I have a habit of pulling across so they cant. If i have to wait why the hell shouldnt you? I cop a lot of abuse (Got chased by a taxi down Princess Highway for it one day) but hey, if youre late getting somewhere, you shoulda left earlier.
  12. Because by riding motorbikes, we:
    - Contribute virtually nothing to congestion
    - Contribute much less pollution to the environment
    - Contribute much less to road wear

    to name a few reasons...
  13. Ah no, i was referring to cars when i said that :p not bikes. No issue with the bikers. If im stuck in a car in a line of traffic why should other impatient drivers get to go past.
  14. take note of knightcreepys advice.
    **** knows why both of you were taught to sit in the right hand wheel track when riding together. that is some dumb shit.
    right hand wheel track riding solo > defer to it, but use the whole lane, whatevers appropriate in time and space.

    you gave cheeky biatch an inch and she took a mile. don't give those bitches an inch. they will hurt you when you least expect it.

    two of you riding together should own that road plain and simple. work on it.
    don't tolerate any shit like that from cagers. keep them under control. if you get a particularly retarded one up your clackers, just both GTFO
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  15. I doubt that anybody explicitly said "When there's more than one of you, stay in the right wheel track." It was probably more about what is taught to individuals.

    This ^^^ ! - Sticking blindly to any part of the road is just nonsense, use the whole lane to obtain more visibility, to make yourself more visible to others, to buffer away from hazards, to prevent people trying to squeeze past you in a dangerous fashion.

    This will come with practice and confidence but start thinking about it now.
  16. I think It should be a riders given right to spit traffic stopped at lights, As a reward for putting up with others in cars piss poor driving skill, and to get us further out of their way.

    Just remember if your going to split GTFO when it goes green, nothing worse being stuck behind a bike who split then goes slow as. You dont need to brake the speed limit to GTFO!
  17. Just remember if your going to split GTFO when it goes green, nothing worse being stuck behind a bike who split then goes slow as. You dont need to brake the speed limit to GTFO![/QUOTE]

    Haha yes thats called a bicycle. I used to have to do the Beach Road run every day, and every single morning there are groups of cyclists who would filter past every car, and sit in front of cars. And they are the first to whinge when people abuse the crap out of them.
  18. You're not the po-po bro. Don't do it. If the filth can't be fucked coming out onto the roads to police the tards then leave them to it.
    ...and yes you need to lose the car driver's mentality.

    As to your OP, you nearly did everything right, the chick with the little man syndrome crossed an unwritten line. Your oldman is correct, cagers should never fuck with riders....EVER.

    Showing up their stupidity to them is one of the best ways to get the message through. Well done.
  19. Whilst I agree 100% we should be allowed to spit at traffic when stopped at lights, I think we may have a better chance of getting filtering ok'd. Hehehe.



    Spread the word. Say it don't spray it...

    ...ahem sorry, I'm in that kind of mood today :p
  20. Nutty? I'm feeling kinda fruity myself...
    Can you imagine the cake we might make together?!