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Cheeeeeeeap, cheap helmet, oh the cheapness

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Roy Boy, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. So anyone got a friend they want to pillion, but don't particularly like much? Get them one of these puppies


    Mind you it says it meets aus safety standards...whether you get any documentation or sticker to back that up I would be interested in :grin:

  2. Lol - "Ideal for the road." :LOL:
  3. Maybe as long as your head doesn't hit it :p :grin:
  4. The helmet might come in use for when trying to google any info about the fuzzy brand name ! ](*,)
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  6. so are you covered if you're DOA withing 30 days :!:

    the helmet seems to have a sticker on the back, cant read what it says , could be a voucher for a free bowl of rice or something :LOL:
  7. wtf :LOL: most people call it a VISOR. lolzor.

    i'll take 3 :grin:
  8. But wait... it's got a "30 Day Warranty" :rofl:
  9. Does warranty cover you if the colour scheme makes you puke?

    Would that make a difference to the colour scheme? \:D/
  10. This helmet is probably as good as some of the ones people here are riding with. You can get cheap helmets here too.
    Where's all those people that argued against buying an expensive helmet "because the cheap ones are just as good!"

    Bit hard to judge a helmet by a pic on the net.

    BUT, it is vomit ugly! :sick:
  11. Lol, agreed. It's probably no better/worse that the $200 one's you can buy here.
  12. Exactly, once you add the Australian distributors mark up and the retailers mark up, this is a $299AUD helmet! :LOL:
  13. I don't know if the helmet is any good or not, but I certainly wouldn't dismiss it just because it is cheap and made in China - especially when most 'quality' brands are made in China and other such places anyway.

    I'd be more concerned whether the helmet is truly certified to Australian standards. In pictures it seems to have a sticker of some sort attached at the back, but it doesn't look like the stickers on my helmets.

    By the way, looking at Kylin's website, they also have models they claim to be Snell-approved. Make of it what you will.

    My favourite bit was the part on dealsdirect page where it says you can't specify the actual colour of the helmet - you'll get a random one, black, blue, yellow or red! Actually I'm tempted to order one, just for the thrill of guessing what am I going to get?
  14. that helmet is a recipie for disaster.
    While your riding along trying to hold in the vomit due to the ding dong ugly helmet you either spew inside the helmet or lose concentration and crash either way.
    cheaper to spend the extra $700- $800 dollars and buy a decent lid than to spend maybe $1000's on medical bills due to the crash or mental revving from your mates.
  15. Plus it only comes in extra-large, so you better hope you've got the right sized head! :LOL:
  16. [​IMG]

    Can somebody explain to me how that is any uglier than all the lairy, twinky fancy-pants $1000 helmets most of you clowns wear?

    Ooh, it's not painted in the latest fashions, ooh I can't be seen in that.

    Yer a pack of bloody sheilas.
  17. Ooooh does my head look fat in this!
  18. They do have other sizes, but they are listed as separate sales, on separate pages.

    I was looking at them again, and sure enough, the graphics are kind of crappy. But in my opinion they are no more garish than those 'Assassin' or 'naked lady' KBC designs, no more childlish than 'Air Force' themes and no more clashing than some other graphics seen on far more expensive helmets.

    No, I don't like them either.... but the price, the price!!!
  19. I have an expansive shoei... but at 5% of a shoei...I might get one for backup or pillion..

    And I can't see why there would be a problem if the helmet had meet Aust Safety Standards.

    ps.. just ordered one -large let u know how bad/good?
  20. meets the standards...and its goto be better than an open face helmet.

    sure your pilion chick would look cooler in an open face or a sweet flipup nolan...but if you buy a $60 special you can afford a pilion