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Checking Wheel Balance

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by smidsy, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Hei Guys,
    The other week my XVS650 got a spike in the back wheel, so I removed the wheel and took it to the local Honda dealer (the yamaha dealer up doesn't impress me) who fitted a new tube.

    Got the wheel back on and the bike was unstable as hell, the back end felt as if the wheel was wobbling from side even though it wasn't - there is no side to side movement in the wheel at all.

    I crawled home at 60 staying very vertical on every corner, and I finally got round to working on it today. The only way I can see to align the back wheel was with vernier calipers from the end of the frame to the axle - it was 1mm out which I've adjusted. It was torqued to factory spec (maybe a few NM tighter since my torque wrench is in increments of 5) and hadn't come loose.

    Could this be the wheel balance, do wheels on bikes need to be balanced - I have to admit that I didn't notice what lead was on the wheel before I gave to Honda but they have put a fair bit on, 4 sections of the self adhesive flat lead.

    Any idea guys.
  2. I've got no idea what the actual problem is, but checking the wheel balance should be easy enough. I did mine with a ghetto set up of a paddock stand, some lubed metal tubing from Bunnings and some weights I bludged from the local shop when I bought my tyres. Plenty of vids on youtube for guidance, but a basic understanding of the laws of physics should be enough.
  3. Check....
    * Tyre Pressure
    * That the tyre bead is seated on the rim correctly ( both sides )
    * The spacers each side of the wheel are correct. ie. the rear /front sprockets line up correctly

    string alignment.......... http://www.yamahafz1oa.com/sportryderswheelalignmentmethod.shtml.
    Never assume the marks on the swingarm, or the length of each side of the swingarm are true / equal.
  4. Mike,
    The XVS is shaft drive, from what I can see after you bolt on the back diff you only have limited movement on one side.
    I have the factory manual for the bike but all that says is that installation is the reverse of removal.
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    If that's the case you can eliminate alignment...my bad not being familiar with this model designation,,

    Just looking at an exploded parts view and there is a spacer between the brake housing or plate and the swing arm. Part #28 'Present and accounted for'?
    Have you checked that the tyre bead is seated properly against the rim both sides? ( the distance between the 'rim line' and the 'rim' should be even all the way round the tyre on both sides.)
    tyre diagram. xvs650 rear wheel.