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Checking up on some NR commrades

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Oldmaid, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. I just wanted to send out a general how's it going or howzit to a few riders... :)
    Sometimes people just drop off NR either because they unfortunately had a bingle, have been unwell or have had life dealing the cards face up...or are just over NR for the time being...
    Rather than PM each person I just thought that other NR may also be like me, and wonder how people are faring...
    SMEG75SMEG75 how's the shoulder
    HurricaneHeatherHurricaneHeather how's your leg healing up
    DiantraDiantra you had some big decisions looming over you...how are you?
    ArcherArcher you were having some major hassles with your big shed
    RRdevilRRdevil you've been mighty quiet
    Senator17Senator17 how are you going after your op? All good?

    I apologise to others that I haven't listed...I'm old and the memory ain't what it used to be....and some of you, like JabbaJabba and drbjdrbj have posted very recently.
    Other NR chums may like to check on others by posting here.
    I think about most of you and enjoy hearing from you all. When I haven't heard from you for a while I fret a little...sad but true :shy:
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  2. what /
    you don't miss me?
  3. Always...I have a photo of you as my screensaver at work...
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  4. that's ok I have one of dingleberry

    well her arse anyways
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  5. Don't blame you in the least...it was very anatomically pleasing to the eye...if I am allowed to say so :woot:
    As I said before I do like a bit of leather...
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  6. Cows wrap their arses in leather OldmaidOldmaid
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  7. no
    god wraps cows arses in leather
    hmmm or was that Mohamed
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  8. Not this old cow...too many sacrifices needed to be made to keep me decently covered...don't want to scare the old folks out enjoyin their rides... ;)
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  9. maybe stop putting yourself down babe
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  10. My cows are wrapped in leather, it stops them leaking :)
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  11. Hello OldmaidOldmaid - Big week coming up for me - should make some decisions clearer - thank you for thinking of me :) And going for my license next weekend - fingers crossed :)
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  12. uncle-fester-and-thing.
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  13. I love Uncle Fester. :) blast from my youth...look at that cheeky smile...betcha he scrubbed up a treat in leather...him and Lurch and Thing...
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  14. ha ha ha Uncle GregUncle Greg - just saw your mood "Bashful" ... can't stop giggling! I mean really ... cut that sh** out! ha ha ha
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  15. Uncle Greg has been bashful since Noah was a boy...
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  16. Was that bashful or bashing? ;)
  17. You betcha ! the original party animal.... Even brought Elvis back (from the dead) for the gig.

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  18. OldmaidOldmaid Reporting for duty, Ma'am...
    Correction, still having... Although I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... Honestly easier to buy a house than to build on your own land........ :grumpy::banghead:

    Also quite busy at work lately, 10-12hrs is not unfamiliar to me recently. Got today and tomorrow off then it's back to the grind... we've been informed that due to new systems coming into place, we're unable to take any time off in the next two months unless it's justified - read death.... :dead:

    Now, you said something about you and leather.... I'm listening... :peeking:
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  19. Thanks for thinking of me. The OP went well and I'm healing up very well without any pain and I'm getting about fine. On a sad, but not unexpected note, my mother passed away on Friday, 26th June. The day also happened to be my beautiful wife Chrissy's 50th birthday. So very conflicted with emotions but coping well all the same. I'll know when I can safely ride again once I've seen the doctor, but have to reschedule his appointment due to mum's funeral taking precedence.
  20. Oh Senator17Senator17 ... that's a really hard day to have gone through :(
    Hugs being sent and thinking of you as well.
    Take care.